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Dealing with Transits to a Stellium


March 25, 2005 (with chart)


Hi Eric!

I've been going through enormous growth and changes, particularly since the beginning of the 1990s. My entire life and myself as an individual has changed completely since then. Whenever change happens it all seems to overlap with me so that career, finances, relationships and what I value all get an overhaul at once. I was born on March 31st, 1957, at 6:15 am in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My Sun, Moon, Venus, ascendant and Mercury were all in Aries at the moment I was born. Sun, Moon and Venus were in the 12th house and Mercury was in the first house. Mars, my ruler, was in the sign of Gemini and in the 2nd house. If you would please look at my chart, I'd really value any insight you could offer me. I just love your in-depth forecasts and am hoping that you'll have the time to reply soon.


Thanks Eric,



Dear Mariac,

I think you've described the energy and common experience of a stellium quite well in your question. People with points of concentration in a chart (called stelliums, or clusters, where a number of planets are grouped together) tend to go through a lot at once, because when a moving planet makes a transit to that region of their chart, it stirs up a lot (please see next question for additional clarification).


I think that a blind person would be squinting at your chart. You were born at the Aries New Moon, with the New Moon rising, and for sure, Mercury and Venus are mixed in. However -- you are now under some rather extraordinary transits, including Mercury retrograding back over these planets, and an eclipse that will aspect your Sun, Moon and ascendant.


These are powerful harbingers of a deep, authentic personal re-emergence. Rather than predict who you will become over the next month or so, why don't we wait and hear back from you? In the mean time, hang loose.