Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Spirituality v. Materialism


March 18, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Eric:

Please can you offer me some insight into my dilemma? I recently see the fruits of having raised daughter single-handedly. She is now nearly 23 years old, has turned out to be a most lovely person in her own right. In the early years of raising her I worked voluntarily and dedicatedly in campaigns to change the world, and for the last almost 10 years I found my niche working in the outside world as an alternative health practitioner. I ground myself in a daily spiritual practice which involves meditational movement and breathing and chikung exercises. For the past almost three years since Uranus conjoined my Jupiter-Venus conjunction in the 12th house I have been studying astrology.


My dilemma is that despite, or probably because of all this overemphasis on the Healing / Spiritual / Changing the World side of things, I have found myself faced with the total lack of a secure material base. I am plagued by things like the insecurity of still living in rented accommodation where I cannot control the kind of environment I feel I now need to be living in order to further develop the healing/spiritual important contribution I feel I have yet to make to the world. (I feel I would now like to write and publish meditative/spiritual poetry and images as well as continue to develop my healing profession). I would really appreciate your advice. Looking at my chart, please, can you tell me if you can see a focus for me to urgently address this material/spiritual imbalance in my life?


Thank you,


(Chart details: 5 AM 6 April 1950. Bridgwater, Somerset.)



Dear Alice,

I know many people who do quite well financially in the healing professions. I know fewer who succeed economically in the save-the-world department, but there are still some that I can name. I think the issue is likely to be less what you are doing, and more the approach you are taking.


I will make a few comments before even looking at your chart, which I will investigate in a moment. What follows is just horse-sense.


There are few theories loose about money and doing the right thing. Every now and then we hear from a placid, serene person who is doing exactly what they like the most, helping the world immensely, granting the interview from their sailboat, accompanied by the perfect life partner who has interesting things to add. More power to them.


However this can have two effects. One is to say that it's really possible. The other is to give a false impression that success, if you are spiritual, should somehow come easily. Not that it can; not that it must; but that it should. It gives the false impression that those who must exert effort are somehow wrong. And last, it suggests strongly that those in a 'spiritual' vocation don't have to stay up late figuring out how they are going to connect their services with their customers, in the most tangible, concrete ways.


And spiritual doesn't mean that there are not cycles of success, of confidence, and an odd quotient unique to each person that balances creative fulfillment and financial reward.


I am all for spiritual practice. But it is very different than business practice. And business practice is more than sending out resumes and handing out cards, but those things help. In some recent Planet Waves essays [parts one and two], I discussed the 6th and 10th houses at length. One thing I can tell you is that the 6th house requires enormous practice at one's craft, till it is one with your body; and the 10th requires seizing the reins of power in your own life, dealing with issues of power and responsibility, and working to spread your reputation for what you are really offering the world.


In short, success requires confidence in yourself. Yes, there are some people who find themselves standing on the world stage with zero confidence and they get it in the moment. Most do not; most people who succeed have worked to shore up their self-esteem, or renovate it all the way from the inside out.


One needs to charge enough for their work, and eliminate all traces of guilt about receiving compensation for what you do. And you need a business plan that it's best to go over with a businessperson -- of the ordinary non-spiritual variety.


And to some measure, success requires planning, patience and yes, luck. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity, so there is a lot you can do in the meantime. As for your chart.


I would say that you have the obsession with service thing going (Pluto in the 6th house) and you definitely have more of the spiritual type of energy than the 'go for it!' energy. You are capable of work, but you're way, way, way idealistic. That can help you -- but only if you put it to work for you. I speak in particular of a Sagittarius Moon (not a problem in itself, but just very idealistic) semi-square (read: hidden square) to Neptune. Neptune is itself exactly -- exactly -- opposite the Sun. My dear, you need grounding if you want to succeed in the very earthly, mundane, Capricornesque world of business.


In fact, there is plenty in your chart that says you need a month or two of experience selling vacuum cleaners. Have you considered that? Sign up with Kirby or Rainbow and knock on doors. Take their classes and read about selling. I am only half kidding. I think you need to acquire the most basic, bare bones, down to Earth skills of management, development and selling.


When designing your products or services, start with a NEED in society -- not with what you have to offer. Identify a need, and then ask, "How can I fulfill that?" I know this sounds backwards and kind of un-spiritual, but then, could there be something more meaningful than fulfilling a need that the world has?


It might work a lot better. You're a hard worker, you can focus if you need to, and you can be very convincing. Put these things to work, as part of a tactical plan, and build your financial house one brick at a time. Soon enough you will be able to live in it.


PS, hey, I missed something obvious. You said 'materialism'. Are you a little based against food and the rent? That's not materialism, that's eating and having a nice place to live. I suggest you have a quick review of your beliefs around that stuff. As long as you consider having house keys materialistic, and have some judgments around materialism, you might not get where you need to be.