Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Void of Course Moon


March 18, 2005


Dear Eric:

Please help me understand what's okay and what's not okay to do during a Moon Void of Course.


I've read not to start any new activities during those hours, but just what does that mean? Here's an example: When I go to the dentist, does that activity begin when I make the appointment? When I arrive at the dentist's office? When he starts to drill?


And if I make an important decision during the Moon Void of Course, is my decision certain to fail? Thanks.






Dear Gail,

There are different theories and levels of intensity that astrologers put around the void of course Moon. And what you do with the information depends on the extent to which you want to involve yourself planning your life around astrology. Some people are meticulous about it. Others, including certain very famous unmentionable celebrity astrologers, love to play fast and loose -- and they do well. But you have to factor in how they have the 'feel' for things when they seemingly throw the dice around odd astrology.


First a definition. The Moon is void when it's not making any new aspects to other planets or the Part of Fortune prior to entering a new sign. That means, when the Moon is in the last 10 degrees of a sign, check and see what aspects it's going to make to other bits out there. But then there is the question: what is an aspect? Do noviles count? Do sesquisquares? How about quindeciles? (The old rules say you use major aspects, but William Lilly liked semi-sextiles, for example.)


The next question is: what is a planet? Zane Stein, one of the Chiron guys, said that if the Moon was applying in an aspect to Chiron and nothing else, it was still void of course.


There is a simpler way to do this. Learn to follow the ephemeris well enough to make sure the Moon is doing something you like when you want to do something meaningful. Look at the aspects and learn to feel them. Experiment and see what happens.


I would want a half-decent Moon for a dental appointment. I would want it trine or sextile something, not square it, for example. And I would use the time of the appointment itself to plan the electional chart, were I to do something -- and assuming the office cooperated. Medical and surgical electional charts are quite challenging, complicated and they can be VERY important, in my view, and having done them for myself as well.


Also note: the Moon is not really void up to one hour AFTER most date books tell you it is (sometimes less, sometimes more). The Moon remains IN ASPECT for the duration of being in the same degree as the other planet; then it disengages and gets ready to change signs. There are some activities it feels good and is traditionally sanctioned to do with a v/c Moon -- like walking in the woods, therapy, writing or taking a nap. Sometimes I find that I've had a really unproductive morning or afternoon and I look and the Moon was v/c. It would have made more sense to take a walk.