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Chiron and the 8th house


March 11, 2005


Dear Eric:


My new granddaughter Kylah has Chiron within one degree of her 8th house, which is full. Uranus, Neptune, Venus, and Mercury. Do we apply Chiron to the 8th house as well?





Dear Debbe,


I would say count the 8th house, Debbe. I follow William Lilly's rule that when a planet is within five degrees of the following house, you count the next house. However, I also feel that the house cusps are like a zone of their own, where we make the transition from one side of a subject to the other. There is a reason the two houses are next to one another; that the issues are joined. And when a planet falls on the house cusp, or very close to it, that process is indicated. So you need to make up an interpretation that bridges your ideas about the 7th house with those of the 8th house.


However, she is a small child. So I strongly suggest you don't do too much interpreting, and get to know her instead of her chart. Her chart will come out in time; but she is very, very young and she needs to make up her own mind before people make up her mind for her. And that is a basic reading of an 8th house Chiron.