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Incomplete Chart


March 11, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Eric:


I love your Planet Waves writings; thank you for doing them. My question: I have been attempting to have my chart done. Two astrologers told me, consecutively, "There is something wrong with your chart, this is not right, no, nyet, better not to." A third told me my chart is "incomplete" and would be difficult to read; she doesn't get a good feeling, part of it is "missing" so bye bye. Huh? While I will be the first to admit my life has made soap operas seem like they're not even trying, I have learned to maintain a sense of humor. But frankly, this uncharming hairnet of dread arranged by three sets of astro hands around my chart seems a bit much, and has left me curious and, face it, irked. Is there something odd about my chart? Is it stuck to the bottom of Chiron's clubfoot shoe? What? You always seem well balanced; hence, may I toss this curious hot potato to you? I was born on September 1, 1957 in Chicago, IL, USA at 6:58 a.m. Do I proceed in my quest to have my poor little circus freak of a chart done, or do as my friends suggest and give up? (If the answer is truly scary, blink once...)


Thank you,




Chart Challenged Virgo in Boston



Dear Andrea,


I have looked at your chart and I did not blink. I am looking at it now. I have no idea why, or which, astrologers told you that your chart is wrong or incomplete. And I don't know how much authority this will carry or reassurance it will bring you, but those comments are among the most ridiculous I've ever read in my nearly 4,000 consecutive days of nonstop obsession with astrology. It is true: every now and then you hear something really over-the-top, which is why it's important to take astrology with an open mind and a grain of salt. Someone will declare in a book that a planetary placement ruins the chart. Or that something suggests someone is cursed in some way. These are the kinds of statements we need to throw away -- and fast.


It is, however, unusual that you had three astrologers refuse to read your chart. Looking at your natal, I cannot see any reason, even for concern, that there is something amiss with the chart, as a chart. I think you have the usual mix of great, good and not so great things, but any astrologer who actually reads charts for a living sees that as many times a day as they see a client.


I have said many times and will remind you: the astrology you get is only as good as the astrologer you get, so, speaking to everyone, choose your astrologer well. But how to do that is another question. You can really only go by three things. One, the quality of what they write, particularly the ideas. Two, a referral from someone who has had a good experience. Three, luck.


The same holds true with books. It's important to seek books that are highly regarded, as well as to consult many commentaries. And in the end, you must live through your chart and see what happens as the transits and progressions come and go. That, really, is the full experience of astrology.


Looking at your chart, I can't see anything that is 'wrong' or that it is somehow not complete. I see all the planets. They are arranged in one of about six quadrillion ordinary patterns. It was an ordinary day in history. In Redding, CA, the Seventh Day Adventists opened a new church sanctuary. It was the last day that Pelican Stadium was used in New Orleans. The Pelicans were beat by Memphis 7-3. The Moon was in Sagittarius and the Sun was in Virgo on the day you were born. That happens once a year for about three days. Mercury was retrograde in Virgo. That happens every few years for three weeks.


You are born with Virgo in the ascendant (rising), just past sunrise. It seems like just another typical day in the cosmos, if you're asking me, which you are. And I am dismayed that an astrologer would not take your chart up like the professional they claim to be, and begin the discussion by asking you what is going on in your life, and why you are seeking the guidance of astrology.


So may I ask? Maybe you could help clarify by sending another letter, stating your needs and concerns.


If I may make a suggestion, as you have your Chiron return coming up next year, this would be a good time to begin looking at Chiron. At this point, I wholeheartedly recommend two authors, Melanie Reinhart, who takes a more psychological approach in her two books, "Chiron and the Healing Journey" and "Saturn, Chiron and the Centaurs"; and Barbara Hand Clow, who takes a more experience-oriented approach in her book "Chiron: Transformational Bridge."


Also, I've written a copious amount on this site (free archives), as well as on Planet Waves and Planet Waves Weekly. You might start here.


For reference, you have Chiron in Aquarius, in the 5th house but on the cusp of the 6th house. So I would read Aquarius, as well as 5th and 6th house placements, when you are in a book that organizes the information by house or sign. Your Chiron is retrograde. All in all, you're probably a truly original thinker, you're likely to have boundless energy, and you wish you were more of a raging optimist than you are. But with all you've been through the past five years, you have good reason to be optimistic, because you know it could have turned out worse, and probably turned out much better than you were expecting. Make a list of everything you're now free from and you'll see it's a fairly long list.


Anyway -- please get back to me with specific questions for your astrology and I'll be happy to take up your letter in a future column.