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Psychic Visions Or Dreams

March 4, 2005


Hi Eric:

I hope you are reading this! It is February 26, 2005 and I just read Eric Francis's question and answers. A question by Keleigh was asked about psychic visions or dreams. She had dreams of the future. I noticed that she was born at 11:32 a.m. I, too, had a dream of the future, my future (about where I work now) having never seen the place before! I have since hung up a prayer at my desk that begins: Trust our highest power that we are exactly where we are meant to be… Anyway, I was also born at 11:30 a.m. Do you think the time of birth has anything to do with having dreams of the future?


My dream really makes me wonder if we really do have any choices in this life…  It is as if it is all preset. So even when we think we can change things, or do something different, it is what we were meant to do anyway.


Inquiring Visionary



Dear Inquiring Visionary,

Just because you saw a glimpse of the future does not mean it was predetermined, or that you predicted it. You may have seen something and then chosen, or seen a choice that you made, or something that was being offered to you. There are many possibilities.


When it comes to working with any form of divination, communication on the subtle levels, dreams, visions or altered states, a gentle approach is a wise way to proceed.


When people say that the birth chart insinuates prediction, I offer a metaphor. Does having a map predict which course you will take? Or does it give the potential directions, and show the different paths, shortcuts and obstacles that might be in your area? An astrology chart works the same way. Some astrologers, though, tell you what road to take, or they tell you to take a hard road and then tell you how hard it will be. Others describe the territory. Others are effective at noticing what they think are the best possible ways to go -- and giving it back to you to choose.


Along these lines, I would say that being born at a specific time does not say much at all, except that in both your chart and that of Keleigh's, the Sun is about overhead, in the 10th house -- but that angle of the Sun to the horizon is also shaped by your place on the planet at the time of birth. So 11:30 is a relative concept. But that solar position has more to do with status in the world than with the ability to see the future, but of course, the ability to have a feeling for trends is very helpful when you are in a leadership role such as a noon birth suggests.


However, some would call what you are noticing a synchronicity. A synchronicity is a meaningful coincidence with no apparent cause. You noticed that you were born around the same time as the person who had a vision of the future; and that emerges as a symbolic experience. It's important to notice where the symbolic realm and the 'normal' realm intersect. Most of the divination arts, and the related 'psychic' arts, rely on symbols, myths, interpretations of dreams, and many factors where it's necessary to notice the languages of the unconscious.


Notice, take it in, and let it go.