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Dreams and Visions


February 25, 2005


Dear Eric:

As busy as I am sure you are, I will be surprised if you answer this email, but I thank you in advance just for (maybe, hopefully) reading it…


I was wondering if you could perhaps, at all, help me with an explanation of the visions I see coming out from the Moon (bear with me, here) when it is full…


During a November eclipse 3 years ago, after my full moon ceremony, I saw orange spirals coming out of the Moon, and bouncing back up to it (thus, my screen name of Moonslinky). They had different colors at the ends of them. Hot pink, purple, indigo. Anyway, this has been happening to me every Full Moon since, sometimes with the spirals coming right down to me in my back yard. They don't scare me a bit, and I feel very blessed to add them to my "visions." This month, luminescent purple tubes came down, along with the Slinkies.


I know this may sound farfetched, but it's true. A comment would be appreciated. I am comfortable with these visions, just wondering if perhaps you knew what they are.


Thanks for your time, and your incredible website.






Dear Moonlinsky:

First off, beautiful visions. Thank for sharing that imagery.


Second, I don't doubt for a moment that it's happening: in other words, that you're seeing something real, even if others don't readily perceive it.


Third and counting, I think you are glimpsing into the astral plane (or higher) and seeing the energy of the Moon (which is a condenser and radiator of energy) in another dimension. Now, I know that millions of readers are nodding in agreement, saying, "But of course, darling."


However, for those who are wondering, I'll take a throw at 'splainin it. The dimension we typically see and experience is not the only one there is. There are many dimensions, and are mind/brain/spirit system can perceive many of them and deliver them to consciousness. Some work better when we're sleeping (such as dreams, which at times are a direct experience of another plane of reality).


Others work when we are awake.


Now, even being awake is usually a dimensional journey as much of what we see when we look is looking right into other planes of reality, only it registers as 'normal vision'. You, however, are looking into another plane of reality and seeing it as such; it's quite beautiful and creative from what you are describing, and you are basically looking at the energy of the Moon.


As astrology students, we certainly do enough with the Moon to presume that it has some kind of energy coming from it. And at least from your perspective, this is what it looks like.


I suggest, however, that you take them in stride; just watch the show, feel the energy and see if there's any additional information coming through. Perhaps ask for a message, or ask your mind to provide some feedback on what it's receiving. What you are experiencing is a kind of relationship, so feel free to say, "Hi, how are you doing?" I am sure the Moon would love to hear from you.