Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS



February 25, 2005


Hello Eric:

I hope you can help me explain why I am suddenly having dreams that later come true, most times in regards to an event that does not even have anything to do with my life. Whether it is a dream about the Space Shuttle exploding (last year), or a friend having a stillbirth, it is very disturbing. I have always had intense dreams, but these seem to be predictions. I was born July 12, 1966 at about 11:32 am in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. I am told it was the hottest day on record in New Jersey that year, which is a bit ironic, since I am very hot-natured, and prefer the cold weather. I am a female, and my name is Keleigh (fancy spelling for Kelly). Thanks so much for your time!





Dear Keleigh,

I don't see anything in your chart that says, "This is why this is happening now," but we can be sure that it is happening. You do, however, have what I would call an intense chart, with a lot of emphasis on the 12th house -- the most potent house that functions as a psychic portal. In recent years, that door has gradually opened. Also, you have quite a few Cancer planets, and Saturn has been going over them -- which can create a state of mind that "needs to see around the wall."


There are definitely some people who can, quite naturally, see into other dimensions, including other dimensions of time. Often, the dream realm is a place where we find the easiest access, as ego consciousness is out of the way. I can't explain why you're having these experiences, which are sometimes called precognitions, but I can say that it's a more or less normal mode of reality, even if it's not so commonplace. Yet at any given time, there are a bunch of visionaries on the planet, and some are looking ahead at what's (probably) coming.


I can possibly offer some insight into how it works, however.


Imagine that time flows in one direction, like a river, and that we're sailing down the river facing backwards. This is how most people experience time. But if you imagine that the river of time is not straight, it's more like a Spirograph design that crosses over itself many times; and further, that it flows in both directions, with a breeze carrying a scent all over the place; and further, that as someone riding down this river of time, you can turn your head and look around (you don't need to only face the past, and obviously, you don't); then it's a lot easier to conceptualize what you're experiencing.


Now, what to do with the information you're getting is a far more important question. And I think that before we can get some clarity on that, you may need to enter into a more conscious relationship with your gift. Think of it this way.


There is some aspect of your mind that is providing you with this intelligence data. Perhaps you could ask, before going to sleep one night, for a vision that helps explain why it is you're getting this data. Then see what comes to you.


Was there some time you asked for this gift, perhaps during childhood? And what are your earliest recollections? Think carefully.


It may also be a very good idea to begin studying a divination art. I like to think of pure psychic power as kind of like keeping your money in the mattress. But if you study a divination system (Tarot or astrology will do) you gradually move that investment into more secure funds than paper money.


Last, remember that what you're experiencing is, in all likelihood, optional. You can ask for it to stop, or ask the information to come through in a different form, or tune to a different station. However, the words of A Course in Miracles come to me at the moment: "You will be told everything you need to know."


For those interested in psychic or healing phenomena, I recommend a book called The Holographic Universe. It's short, easy and very interesting, and ties together many 'unexplained' phenomena.