Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Pisces Power


March 4, 2005


Dear Readers:


I have always loved the way those two words sound together. I think I first made them neighbors writing to one of the Fish I know from swimming around the Internet, which can be a truly Pisces place: images and illusions abound, one must sort out truth from lies on one's own, it's so large you can't see it or even really think of it all, and the whole thing has the feeling of a living dream. And it is permeated by a subtle psychic communication that comes through with each web page, email and experience we have. The 'feel' of the web is one of its most distinctive properties, and it's different everyplace you go.


Beneath that dimension there is the Aquarian layer, which is the fleeting realm of the technology itself: the computers that make up the backbone and the network, and which evolve faster than we can think; and the programmers who sit there till 3:30 am and iron out the code that makes it all run, the geek-maniacs tearing apart servers running on pure coffee, and hopefully putting them back together, and the sense of human inventiveness that runs the whole show one layer down.


Beneath that is the Capricorn layer. That's the government and corporate structure that holds up the technology layer; the foundation in stone, be it the laws, regulations, buildings, business interests, and the involvement of the numerous official agencies that we rarely see or hear about. It's also our 'tangible sense of what this is and what it means'. This is an extremely practical dimension that translates what is possible into what is so -- and it is limited mainly by our concepts. A lot is lost in translation, unless you are blessed with very strong, clear Capricorn energy that knows how to put ideas into reality, and who borrows a lot from the neighboring signs and has a sense that concepts are flexible.


If we go back yet another dimension, we come to the Sagittarius layer, which is the world of ideas and their creation: for example, the academic and scientific spheres from which this whole scenario emerged some 30 years ago. There was a vision; that vision was had by people who believed it was possible, and began to make it real. I once saw an interview with the guy who decided one day that there would be a little @ symbol in email, because it was a convenient, intuitive way to link the user with the server. The Sagittarius dimension, ever important in life, is the one where we open up the field of possibilities. And there is still plenty of room for that on the Internet.


These four signs represent what you could call the transpersonal realm. That's a space, a kind of commons (which is an Internet term as well) that we all share. The planets involved are Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune -- the 'gas giants'. These planets and their related signs are so vast and large they are places that we all travel in every day, draw information from, and experience in our minds (usually in less wholesome ways: the effects of corporate media, for example). But there are a lot of possibilities and if we can feel the processes working inside us as well as outside, we can make a lot of room for the possibilities.


And we have, at this time in the year, are deep into the final frontier of the zodiac, Pisces.


Pisces is the aspect of consciousness that moves through all of created reality in a way that's much like a dream. Imagine having a dream in which your Web browser could take you anywhere or show you anything; could penetrate any boundary; could reveal the inner side of life, anywhere you wanted to go, including within your own psyche. If Sagittarius comes up with new ideas and new possibilities, Pisces (90 degrees away from Sagg) melts through all which is in existence, and then new substances, possibilities and combinations are created. Even the impossible is possible, such as that which nobody has actually thought of.


A dream is a good example of this. It emerges seemingly from nowhere. It feels as real as the keyboard under my hands now, sometimes even overwhelmingly more real. It has a consistent logic, even if that logic is troubling at times, or makes sense only to you, or makes sense that's impossible to put into language.


The first thing we need to do with the Pisces aspect of our chart is to feel that as a sane space, to learn to breathe underwater, and to move in the deep element. You need to turn your body gently, you need to balance weight and buoyancy, and move with care.


Then, there are those who reach this realm and set out to express themselves. And because anything involving Pisces embraces all the other signs, someone who is working a Pisces process (a filmmaker, musician, photographer, theatre director or actor) can (if they want) work with or manifest contact with all those other realms of which Pisces is in a relationship. In other words, Pisces requires a lot of help manifesting what it dreams, but often those dreams are so appealing that the help is there.


At the moment, we are approaching the Pisces New Moon. That's in one week. And before we get there, the Moon is going to finish going through Sagittarius on Friday, followed by Capricorn over the weekend, then Aquarius and then Pisces -- taking us right through the transpersonal realm into the last New Moon of the astrological year. The New Moon is March 10 at 10:10 am (in Europe), 9:10 am in England, 4:10 am in New York, 1:10 am in California, and 8:10 pm in Sydney.


The Moon will join Venus, Uranus, Juno, and the Sun in that sign -- making a fast series of conjunctions that will create quite a bit of psychic, spiritual, psychedelic or mystical fireworks on the inner side of life. Mercury is currently in Pisces, and is about to make its escape into Aries prior to the New Moon, where it immediately enters the zone of the zodiac where it will be retrograde for three weeks from March 20 through April 12. The Sun then enters Aries, for the equinox and the beginning of the astrological year.


During the Mercury retrograde phase is an eclipse of the Sun, followed two weeks later by an eclipse of the Moon -- both of which I will get into in detail next week. And coverage will be ongoing in Planet Waves Weekly.


Make it a good one -- and hear are a few reflections on your questions.