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Why Has Chiron Been Sent to US


February 18, 2005


Hello Eric:

Your Cainer posting of 17 Dec 04 prompted this submission. You requested questions from readers in their late 40's/early 50's, pondering what to do with one's life. Myself and others who have wandered for years in the metaphysical maze, selecting tools that we felt were appropriate at the time, are in the process of finding out something rather simple. Chiron? Does this planet help us to remember what we came here for? To simply, but purely, feel good in our entire being? And in doing so, does this feeling not reverberate on the cosmic cell phone in every possible way? I believe many of us are willing and ready to shed the agendas and programs collected in life that we readily accepted as real and true and are now exploring the 'ohm on the range'. Chiron? Yes, indeedoo, I believe he is helping us to 'remember' just how simple it is. Abundant blessings to you and other Bright Lights at PlanetWaves.



Nova Scotia, Canada



Dear Donna,

When a new planet is discovered, we experience something that first began March 13, 1781, with the discovery of Uranus -- the first planet ever discovered by science. That something is that astrologers get a chance to define a process in the psychological and spiritual tool known as astrology. But at the same time, as planets appear, there are actual changes in society that are physical, tangible expressions of that planet's energy. So connections are made between the cosmic and the mundane; and a way of looking at the world is invented. This happens over time, through observation, and through experience.


To use the above example, Uranus is viewed by many astrologers as a planet that brings revolutions, whether in government, science or consciousness. And it was discovered in the era of the great revolutions. To give another example, Pluto is understood to be about power, control, death and major transformations. Pluto was discovered in 1930, right before the rise of fascism in Europe.

There are many examples of this process in action, one of the best of which is Chiron. As I explained in the introduction, Chiron was discovered at the height of the Human Potential Movement, when people were discovering concepts like 'healing' and 'self-actualization'.


Chiron had many opportunities to be discovered. Since the pre-discovery photographs go back to 1895, we could speculate that Chiron entered awareness when the time was right. Or, we can just trust synchronicity and go along for the ride.


New planets give us an opportunity to give a name to something that already exists; and to see things that exist in a new way; as well as to create or invent processes or experiences that we need, using the planet as a kind of model or inspiration. This takes time, and it takes the devotion of astrologers and their clients, who do the initial work. I feel that this initial work ultimately spreads into the culture far beyond astrology, even reaching people who have no concept of the planet or of astrology.


Chiron is surely a useful concept now. A process that helps us raise awareness, change, grow, face ourselves, and heal the experiences that hurt us could be considered welcome at any time in history. But if you look at our lives today -- so defined by our sense of wounding, injury or lack, and at the same time with so many methods and opportunities for healing available -- you could say that all we need is loving awareness -- and the cooperation of the people around us.


One of the things that Chiron teaches most effectively is how important it is to be in our bodies, and to relate to ourselves and to others in physical form. We could use some more of that these days. Since we have been given such horrid views on our body (principally by religion), we have collected a lot of darkness here. Now, we get to act as discarnated spirits by way of the Internet.


We need light and strength to face the darkness, and these are factors that Chiron adds to the astrological process. We also need the dedication to the technical side of healing that Chiron offers, and to the service aspect. I'll cover this in the next question, but Chiron works quite consciously with both. No matter how much you pay a healer for their work, they must be dedicated to their particular art form as well as to their clients in order to do their work effectively.


And often it takes many years and great patience to become a healer. But most of all, it takes the willingness to grow as an individual, and to address one's own concerns, issues and needs, so that we are able to do clean work and keep our issues as separated as possible from those of our clients; and yet, to not see ourselves as separate from them. It is a fine line to walk.


Chiron is here to stay. It may still be 'controversial' or difficult for some astrologers to understand, or seem to be 'too small' to be a a planet. In actual fact, people feel, experience and must deal with the effects of their Chiron transits. It's about time that astrology got serious about helping its clients do so.