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Love v. Career


February 25, 2005 (with chart)


Dear Eric:

For a while now I've been wondering about my purpose in life and what I am (or should be) looking for in (love) relationships. I sometimes get the feeling that the answers to these questions might be somewhat incompatible. As I'm looking into the first, the second, even the question itself, seems to have a way of slipping away from my awareness all by itself (and vice versa), leaving me with the feeling that I should dedicate my life to either love or career. No matter which I choose, the other will definitely suffer. Maintaining a relationship can take up so much energy that it (the world) gets left to its own devices. As I'm writing this down I'm becoming increasingly aware my dilemma is a symbolic one and instead of making this ridiculous choice I should start looking in the right places, but still, this is how I feel. You must get this type of question a lot and I truly wish I could be more interesting but I really could use some pointers.


Thank you, Robin

30 October 1978, 2 am

Geleen (that's in Holland)


PS, Thank you for PlanetWaves, It's good to know people are still THINKING out there...



Dear Robin,

Before I even looked at your chart, I thought: Saturn. Something is up with Saturn in this chart. The sense of limitation you describe, of an enforced dilemma, and of frustration mixed with ambition point to the difficult side of this planet's action.


Then I noticed from your birth date that you're well ahead of your Saturn return. Work is often quite difficult in one's 20s. Most industrial societies lack any system of apprenticeship. Jobs in one's 20s are usually not so interesting. And Saturn has not returned to its natal position, which for many people really is the jumping off point to beginning satisfying work.


So, then I looked at your chart and indeed, Saturn is very close to your ascendant, in Virgo. First let me say that this placement is powerful, as in durable, determined, strong, and with great potential for the mastery of knowledge. But it's difficult because too much of an identification with Saturn (and what is in the ascendant we tend to identify with) can make life feel heavy. And lonely.


And it's really necessary to do something unusual, which is to master Saturn and its message, in order to move those energies through your life and get onto a higher vibration.


Mastering Saturn is a matter of two things, I think. One involves discipline. Discipline is practice, focus, and clarity.


The other is finding the endless well of creativity within you. Most people don't look at Saturn this way. But I assure you that it is true, and that this aspect of Saturn is available to anyone who seeks it out: who takes life seriously, who wants to serve the world (very important for you) and who dedicates themselves to the long haul.


Aleister Crowley -- unknown to be one of the most influential astrologers of the 20th century -- has kind words for the Saturn in Virgo placement. "This kinship tends greatly to stability of moral character and to the confirmation of practical wisdom. It gives an orderly, critical and analytical mind, usually of a serious cast if Saturn is well dignified. The intellect should be capable and original."


Now all this bodes well for you to have a good relationship with Saturn. It is true, you need to find work that satisfies this description of Saturn in Virgo. You are unlikely to enjoy any other work. And so much Saturn in your chart says you need pleasure, so this is a win-win. You need to find the work that gives you the intellectual and ethical pleasure you need and want. If you think of it that way, you are likely to be able to orient your whole being ON pleasure and work your way out of some of the most limiting factors of your state of mind. Just remember that one of them is likely to be a sense of perfectionism, to which you hold yourself -- so, easy does it, you are competent, dedicated and strong.


Yet what you are addressing in your question is a relationship between love and work. I want to propose that when they are functioning well, the energy and passion to both do satisfying work and relate to others lovingly come from the exact same inner source, and it does not matter how you get there, as long as you get there. As you reach for this space in your center, remember that true work and true love are very closely related -- in feeling, in intensity, and in the drive to connect with humanity.


And to do this, it helps to move certain blocks out of the way. Here is one possible aspect to work with.


You have a conjunction of the Moon and Pluto. This is in the 2nd house, a personal place that contains many of the feelings you hold about yourself. There is quite a lot of 'lone wolf' to Moon-Pluto contact, particularly the conjunction. And this is a very old feeling; it is likely to date back to your earliest childhood experiences, and contains much that you picked up emotionally from your mother. My sense of the conjunction is that it's prone to some swings of mood and, when relationships do arrive, they are very intense with many ups and downs (this is the conjunction acting on Libra). At the heart of this whole issue is how you feel about yourself. Despite the inability of caregivers to love themselves, you must learn, and you can.


There was a pattern in your early environment, and it was precisely this pattern of intense swing, intensity and very likely, judgment. There was as a result a definition of love that was created that came with these properties. It takes time, but much of growing into what I will call real love means coming up with an idea of love that does not include these unnecessary and unfortunate -- but deeply engrained -- properties of emotion.


The more emotionally stable you become, and emotionally open, the more you will find that you are available to people, and they are available to you. Starting from the point you're at, it might be better to think of love in less 'all or nothing' terms than we usually do, reach to people as best you can; let that reaching take you out of your isolation. And when you get into a situation that seems to be taking an enormous amount of work in a relationship, it would be wise to reality-check and ask what exactly is going on. What old emotional patterns are you playing out? Where did you learn them?


You are a deep person. Go deep and figure it out, and look at all your early caregivers.


All the learning I've done, through my own growth work and self-investigation, training and helping as many people as I've been able to, has taught me one huge lesson: that being happy basically involves identifying and letting go of our parents' emotional patterns, communication patterns and relationship styles. Only then can we really be ourselves.


You are an extremely intelligent person -- probably far more intelligent than you suspect, and you do suspect something. Use your intelligence for your own benefit. But more than anything, take it easy, that is, easier on yourself, and let the love flow. I suggest you reveal your secrets, particularly how much you care about people.


One last bit -- I highly recommend a book called A General Theory of Love.