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Horary Astrology


February 25, 2005


Hi Eric:

I'm really interested on your views on horary astrology. How accurate do you think it is? As I am about to make a life changing decision based on a recent horary reading. Please help.






Dear Maureen,

I have a friend who owns a Chinese restaurant here in Paris, and he taught me an old expression from his culture yesterday: "If you like the cook, you'll usually like the food." I thought, this explains my views on astrology perfectly. The way I usually say it is, "The astrology you get is only as good as the astrologer you get."


However, regardless of astrology, it's a good idea not to violate your own intuition. Often we try to get divination to do that; or to support us when we're in doubt. So when it comes down to it, you have to ask yourself plain and simple: does this feel like the right decision? Even if it's a little risky?


Horary itself is a miracle. This is a form of astrology that is based on charts cast for the time an inquiry is made, or received by the astrologer. It is quite strange how the chart for the time that you're standing in the post office reading an inquiry from a client can possess all the symbolism of that question, to shocking detail that would be ascribed to a pure flight of fancy by anyone other than an astrologer who understood the chart.


But that is the key: understanding the chart, understanding the many rules by which horary operates (and which saves it from descending into intellectual anarchy), and most of all, really working with the spirit of astrology, the living Spirit that is behind the work, and following along with its vibes, suggestions and insights.


Now, I don't have your astrologer's chart or his or her interpretation, so I can't check that work and say if I think they rendered a worthwhile judgment. But I have cast my own chart inquiring about your question. And it is a friendly chart. It's also dramatic and daring and has a liberating feeling to it; and it looks like you've got a lot of protection around you. The chart is for a few hours before a rather stunning Full Moon.


This looks like a big moment in your life. You sound excited.


Do you have any real option but to set your doubts aside and go for it? That is a real question.


Thanks for writing.