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Eclipses Conjunct Sun and Ascendant


February 25, 2005


Hi Eric:

I just found out that there'll be two solar eclipses next year. Interestingly, the first one, on April 8th, happens one degree from my Sun, the second one, on October 3rd, is conjunct my ascendant. How can I look at these events in terms of how their energy might affect me, considering that the Sun and ascendant are the two sides of one's personality? Should I prepare for a "cosmic makeover"? I was born on April 10th, 1967 at 6:15pm in Delmenhorst, Germany. Thank you for your insights, and your inspired writing! Always a joy to read your words.






Dear Imke,

I would say that this fits into the 'personal invitation from the cosmos' category. It is interesting, isn't it? Anybody studying or even remotely following astrology has a collection of eclipse stories, and before the year is up you should have a few interesting ones of your own. And astrology almost always speaks in patterns rather than in single events. Part of reading astrology is following those patterns and feeling a message come through the repetitions and the rhythm.


Eclipses represent breaks in continuity. They are points of no return. They often feel like fate is at work. Yet they are times of big decision, which is about anything but fate.


The ascendant and the Sun are personal points. They are about you: your sense of self, sense of identity, sense of mission, as well as your actual self, identify and mission. Eclipses tend to take away what is not necessary and emphasize what is necessary. So there are a variety of shifts, adjustments and movements that are suggested, and the prospect that your life will not vaguely resemble what it is today.


What this does not mean is that you'll lose something vital about who you are; to the contrary, my sense is that this energy is designed to bring out, develop and evolve exactly who you are.


Work with the eclipses carefully; pay attention to the shifts that come with the solar and the lunar events; and do your best to spend the days of the eclipses doing exactly what you want, or as close to it as you can come.


Then, take that ride again.