Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune Conjunction


February 18, 2005


Dear Eric:

In your article Chiron in Aquarius, you wrote, "The shock of Chiron in Aquarius will be all the more stunning given that we are currently living through Neptune in Aquarius: drugs, delusion and denial in the sign of collective reality. For a while, both processes will unfold at once, yet heading for the guaranteed to be infamous Chiron-Neptune conjunction of late Aquarius of February 2010." Can you expound further on the "guaranteed to be infamous Chiron-Neptune conjunction"?






Dear Susan,

I think I was actually referring to the Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune conjunction of May 23, 2009. I'll have to go back and check my clipping and see, apologies if I made an error. This is a highly unusual conjunction because it involves three relatively slow moving planets all making a one-time conjunction in one degree of the zodiac, the 27th degree of Aquarius.


Since Chiron has not yet entered Aquarius, it's not really possible to say what the conjunction is about, but I can tell you what I meant by the reference. When doing long-term astrology, I look for unusual points of reference in the future. Certain aspects stand out, like a high mountain. As such you can use them as points of navigation. The conjunction of these three planets certainly rises high above the landscape, and the theme is distinctly spiritual, as all three planets involved are what you can, without hesitation, call spiritual influences. As such, it's possible for me to assure you that it's going to be interesting and even infamous without actually knowing quite why.


True, it is possible to look at the chart, see images and predict. But I do a different kind of astrology; what you might call meta-astrology. I think it's more sensible to use the aspects to build meaning and to give ourselves sane direction, rather than to have them dictate back to us what we should be thinking. I feel that we are in a co-creative process with the planets, and this chart is certainly a moment with a lot of creative potential.


All three planets involved in the conjunction work well together. There are strong aspects all around: Mercury and the Moon forming a square to the conjunction, and Venus and Mars forming a sextile, to give two examples. So we know we have something.


One potential use of this chart is as a research tool. As we're looking at old charts, and at charts for the future, such as eclipses, we can see correspondences. And when those come, we can figure out ways to use those events to further our learning and growth rather than to do something else.