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Thus Spake the Tarot


December 24, 2004


Dear Mr Francis:


I have a question about the Tarot. When drawing a single card for daily reflection or study, what does it mean when you get the same few cards all the time? Am I boring? Am I in a rut? Should I buy a lottery ticket? Should I study something else?


Thank you for your time and guidance.

Wondering and Confused



Dear W & C,

Performance artist Laurie Anderson has a line in one of her songs, "If only I could remember these dreams, I know they're trying to tell me something."


All you need to do is listen to your inner voice. Often a card will come with a data packet that arrives mentally, as the physical image enters the space. This is usually the first thing you think upon the arrival of the card regardless of whether the card 'means' that or not.


Cards and all divination media sometimes speak with emphasis. They are not random systems, and they will, when necessary, try to get our attention. One of the ways they emphasize a point is to repeat themselves. So if a symbol is showing up, that's significant. But, significant of what? It's always good idea to remember that symbols stand for something else, and you need to find out what that something else is. You can do this by asking, by meditating, by doing research into the symbol, or for looking at your own thoughts for more information.


Sometimes symbols that appear in the cards will also show up in advertising, real-life scenes, books, films and so on. What do the symbols tell you in those contexts?


The reason you're studying the cards is to learn to listen to the cards and get their messages, which is exactly what you're doing. It helps to be patient and have the faithful expectancy that the message will come.