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Cycles of Seven?


December 24, 2004


Hi Eric Francis:

Hopefully my question may have relevance for others. Being the end of the year and the start of the new year, I have been reflecting on bringing in change and letting go of the stale. In 1998, I made a massive change (end of my marriage) in the hope that other fresh things would flow. I am sorry to say that they haven't. I have been bemoaning my stuckness to various people and they have said 'oh don't worry, its your seven year cycle', clearly meaning that its due to come an end. I thought it was crap I am starting to think not. For the record I'm a Taurus (May 5, 1970, born in Perth, Australia) and therefore I will be 35 this year, a multiple of 7. Are these people on to something??


Many thanks and much merriness to you for the holidays





Dear Kylie,

There are many factors at work in astrology and numerology, and I'm reluctant to accept any one that claims to have the bottom line. I've heard that too -- 'it all comes down to sevens'. But you could just as easily say that it all comes down to eggs, and every time you eat eggs, the truth will come to you, and then you can attach special significance to the off-hand comments of waitresses in diners as they place your plate on the table.


That being said, many things happen in cycles of seven. One is that Uranus changes signs every seven years. Another is that Saturn squares, opposes or conjoins its natal position every seven years. Another is that the progressed Moon will make a major aspect (new, quarter, full) every seven years. Chiron has recently in the seven-year aspect end of its cycle.


The problem with applying a seven-year theory to these is that all these things work on different seven-year cycles. Therefore, every couple of years, a new one goes off. This does not mean you're unusually sensitive to one of them (astrologically or numerologically), and to test that theory somewhat scientifically, why not make a chronology of your life and see if you come up with anything that looks like a big change on a seven-year pattern?


I am, however, a bit skeptical. I don't think astrology (or nature) is so nice and neat, but I think that the mind wants them to be.


I can tell you that if you're 35 years old, you're about to experience your Pluto square aspect. The Pluto square means that Pluto has reached 90 degrees from its natal position. You were born with Pluto at 24 degrees and 56 minutes of Virgo. During the next two years, Pluto will cross and recross 24 degrees and 56 minutes of Sagittarius -- a square, hence, your Pluto square.


This is not an aspect that gets a lot of air play (such as the Saturn return at 29). But it's equal in measure, in importance and in effectiveness to the Saturn return, and if there is any aspect of your life that's stuck, this one will get you going. You just may not like it at first. But by the time it's done its work, you will be very glad, and have a little altar to Pluto set up in your kitchen.


This aspect is all about letting go of the past. Any work not accomplished by the Saturn return five years ago (which sounds like your divorce, because sometimes the Saturn return can get going early) can be cleaned up at the Pluto square. That seems to be its purpose; it's another major leverage point for growth.


I do want to comment on something you said, about, "bringing in change and letting go of the stale." This sounds like a good intention, but there is more to clearing up our lives than that. Often it takes sustained effort, and connection intention with action on a daily basis, to make real changes. Your Pluto square phase is likely to come with that kind of energy, so get ready for it. Pluto is not a passive energy, and it pushes us to take sustained actions over the long-run -- not to do something and hope it will have results. With Pluto, there is always something else to do -- until there is not, and we know there is bnot because we actually feel better and often, at the end, have a very different life than any we ever knew.