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Progress, Outer Planet Styled


December 24, 2004 (with chart)


Hi Eric:

I have one more year left before my youngest child goes off to school. I have enjoyed very single minute of being an at-home mother and raising our two children. I have very mixed emotions about the next couple of years, teary because my babes are growing up but also quite excited/anxious about this next chapter in my life. I have dabbled in astrology for years but am unsure what path I should take. Any clues?


Thank you very much, just love reading your website.



Brisbane, Australia, 5:30 pm AEST.



Dear Mandy,

Congratulations to you, and thank you on behalf of your kids, for devoting yourself to being a mother. I've cast your chart, and I think two factors are particularly significant at the moment. Both have one quality in common: independence.


At the very bottom of your chart, on what's called the IC, you have the sign Sagittarius. You'll see that because there's the number 23 next to it. The IC or 4th house cusp has a lot to do with parenting, the household, the security base, and one's emotional conditions. It just happens that at the moment you've written to me, Pluto is about to cross that line and enter your 4th house. This is a long process; most Pluto transits take two years. But you're at the very peak of this transit now -- as in right now.


This tells me that you're very likely to make some big changes, and that the transition in the lives of your children is part of a much bigger change for you -- in fact, a total reorientation. You're likely to be seeking your emotional independence, which will take root in all your relationships.


On a very similar note, you have a Pisces Moon. It's in red, looking like a little crescent Moon, on the right side of the chart, with the number 8 next to it. Right now Uranus is in Pisces and in 2005, it's going to begin its transit, by exact conjunction, of your Moon. The Moon says 'mom', 'house', 'household', 'feelings', 'security' and -- in your case -- your truly compassionate and spiritual meanings.

When we add Uranus to that picture, the energy of change increases in giant leaps. The transition indicated by Pluto crossing the IC is just one factor that is saying the same thing -- the chart amost always repeats its messages, particularly the important ones.


The question now is, how are you going to work with these changes? What are you going to do with your need for more independence, freedom, excitement, and self-sufficiency? I strongly suggest you get your husband or partner (you didn't mention one; I am making an assumption) in on the project, because he's about the most important person whose cooperation you will need.


When one person in a relationship goes trough such awesome changes, really both people in the relationship are getting the transit. It would be interesting to see his chart at the moment and note the ways he's being called upon to grow, to expand his life and to develop his style of family and relationship.


These can be truly exciting and liberating developments -- if they are handled consciously.