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Great Attractor

December 17, 2004 (with chart)


Hi Eric:

I was interested to read in your recent column about the Great Attractor. I have always felt like a stranger in a strange land. I don't fit in anywhere, I never have. I don't feel as though I'm like other people, and they know I'm not like them. Am I just an alien, is it something to do with the great attractor, or something else? What is going on here? I was born December 5, 1960, in Denver Colorado at 4:35 pm.






Dear Cathy,

Gee whiz.


I am certain that I cannot really handle your question in an answer: I would need to know a lot about your life first. There is certainly to plenty talk about, particularly about the current years (2002 to present) and also 1995 and 1996. But even a brief look at your chart will shed some light on the situation.


It would be difficult to overstate just how different your life is than so many others.

See all those planets clustered on the upper right hand side of the chart? Those are four planets and the Part of Fortune concentrated in one sign -- Capricorn -- and one house -- the 8th.


In addition, not only is your Sun very close to the Great Attractor (covered in recent columns, and at this link), it is very close to your 7th house angle, so you really FEEL it.


The overall implication is that you may live your life with very polarized relationships (an effect of the Great Attractor conjunct the Sun on the 7th house) and situations where power and money come into play (the 8th house so full) including marital and business situations.


This is made more intense and complex by the presence of your Moon and Mars down in the second house (lower left-hand side of the chart, in gray and red, respectively).


To put it simply, the theme of this chart is survival. It seems like material survival, but really it's about emotional survival. It's important that you not confuse the two types of struggles, and they are indeed apt to get confused. It's as if anything can become a power struggle -- and it's going to take a lot of awareness to keep things from going in that direction. You must go 'above the battleground' as the Course in Miracles puts it so eloquently.


Another thing this setup does for you is that it gives you deep and direct access to the mysteries of birth, death, sexuality and business -- all the 8th house themes. Knowledge in these areas can indeed be alienating, as they are the main issues of which the world attempts to live in stark denial, and by which so many people are led around like slaves.


I strongly suggest beginning an interpretation of your chart with the Chiron Time Frames exercise. I have you two of the dates above, and here are a few extras:


-- 1972-1973
-- 1989-1990
-- 1995 and 1996, particularly April 1996
-- August 2001-present


I suggest you take each of these time frames and write a few hundred words, beginning with your address, and write the story of that time in your life.


These dates represents peaks in your chart in relationship to where those planets are concentrated. If we have those four time frames to work with, we can learn a lot about the deeper layers of the placements in the 2nd, 7th and 8th houses.


If you could write those up and get back to me, I'll take up your question again.