Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Sun Signs and Divination


December 11, 2004


Hi Eric:

I just want to say, I really enjoy your work, and make Planet Waves a part of every day! I have had my chart done by a professional astrologer in the past. She said that Neptune was my ruling planet, even though I am a Cancer Sun, Moon, Mercury. She gave points to aspects in my chart and determined Neptune to be my ruler. My question is, would I read the horoscope for Cancer or Pisces? My birthday is July 8, 1967 at 8:39 am, born in Methuen, MA. Thanks so much for your advice.





Dear Kelly,

I get this question a lot, in different forms. And, though it's taken me a while, I am coming around to Jonathan's suggestions that when it comes to a Sun sign column, it's best to just read your Sun sign (but I'm sure he would add, "Do what works for you," because that's generally his outlook on life).


To me, this has less to do with astrological theory than it does with divination. Divination is a way of asking for information, and having it come to you in an intelligible form.


You may think, well, each sign only gets 100 words a day. So I better get all the information I can. But you might want to consider it the other way: the fewer words there are, the more you want to make sure you have the right 100 words.

So if you're a Cancer and you have a daily appointment with whatever comes up in the write-up for Cancer, you know where to look. This is particularly important if you are actually using a horoscope column for guidance, and don't want potentially conflicting or confusing information.


Now, as for your chart. Using the data you give me, I get Cancer Sun and Moon, and Leo rising. There are a couple of ways by which your astrologer may have got Neptune as the ruler of your chart, but that would not, to me, suggest that you should be reading the Pisces horoscope. With such strong emphasis on Cancer, I would really stick to that.


However, if you're studying astrology at any depth beyond the horoscope column, Neptune would be a good planet for you to study. This involves a mysterious connection between the sign Cancer and that planet, which most astrologers will look at you in a strange manner if you mention. Just read all you can about Neptune and its effects, and know that deep down it has a lot to do with the sign Cancer, on what you might call the highest spiritual level.