Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Being Ahead of Transits


December 3, 2004


Dear Eric:

I've noticed lately that my real life is a few days, to a couple of weeks, to (sometimes) a few months ahead of what the astrological reports say I ought to be doing, considering, deciding, etc. For instance, I'm Cancer rising (14 degrees), and with Saturn taking forever to meander through Cancer, I'm getting plenty of advisories to accept change, overthrow the longstanding tyranny in my life, do what I must do to get to the next step, etc. But by the time these advisories arrive, I'm already in the midst (sometimes at the very end) of what I'm then supposed to START doing!





Dear Casey,

This is called being ahead of your transits. For whatever reason, you are on approximately the same time cycle, but you are ahead of the curve. Or astrologers are behind the curve! Sometimes we do repeat ourselves to catch those who may be straggling, or give basic Saturn lectures late into the cycle because we've run out of other things to go on about. You may get the signal at the first broadcast, whether from astrology or from the planets directly. Other people need to hear it 11 times.


Also, maybe we're reminding you to keep doing what you're doing; to overthrow one more tyrant in your life.


Most probably, you are dancing to the beat of your own drummer. People are genuinely quite individual in the way they respond to transits. Some are ahead, some are behind, others have responses that are precisely to the day of the event -- and some, curiously, don't even notice.


They are all within range of normal; it is important to know your way of responding to your transits, and work with that.