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Static Career


November 12, 2004


Dear Eric:

I enjoy your column on Jonathan Cainer's site and read your weekly emails as well (subscriber). My life work and love has been static since well before 9/11/2001. I was unemployed for two years plus. Then I got a job where I am underemployed and bored. I haven't really related to anyone since 1993 (my brother died that year) when Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and I don't know what else conjoined on my Sun. When will things pick up? I am tired of static!




1/9/1954 Des Moines, Iowa 6:49 am CST



Dear Elizabeth,

Without even looking at your chart, I can tell from your year of birth that you are experiencing your Chiron return. I suggest you search through the archives of this column for material about this, as I've covered it several times. But this is the truly big news in your chart and in your life.


I strongly suggest that people having a Chiron return work with the historical trends of their Chiron transits. That is to say, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the whole Chiron transit. The Chiron return is the completion of a major cycle of life experience.


I describe Chiron time-frames exercise in detail in one of the prior articles in this space, but this studying a kind of time sequence that is based on the dates of your major Chiron transits. For each person they are different. And, you don't need to be going through a Chiron transit for this to be a very helpful process, but if you're in the midst of a Chiron transit, or approaching one, it's indispensable.


Here is a list of time frames for you to begin this process. Journal each one separately, beginning with your street address at the time of the transit. Include information about your work, friends, lovers, animal companions, health, and any life transitions that show up.


Chiron conjunct Vesta/Moon -- Spring 1964 and Fall 1964
Chiron square Chiron -- Fall 1973 and Spring 1974
Chiron in the nadir -- Spring 1976 and Fall 1976
Chiron in the descendent -- Summer, Fall 1988
Chiron opposite Chiron and many other planets -- 1989-1990
Chiron square Chiron -- Fall 1996
Chiron conjunct Saturn/Mars -- Fall 1997
Chiron in the ascendant -- January 2002
Chiron conjunct Sun -- January 2004


I suggest you take about two or three weeks and write about 200-1,000 words for each time frame on the list. Do these as separate projects. We are not looking for big traumas as much as the characteristics of your life, who you were with, what job you had, how you were feeling and so on. Some will have bigger news than others. When in doubt, start with your address. Then, when you are done, see if they tell a story or convey a theme that you can summarize in one paragraph.


The Chiron return is anything but static, and in the context of the dates above, what you are experiencing today should make a lot more sense.


Please let me know what you learn.