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In the Midst of a Major Shift


November 12, 2004


Dear Readers Around the Galaxy:

I woke up this morning dreaming that I had met John Kerry. He came into the bookstore where I hang out, Shakespeare & Company, across the street from Notre Dame. Everyone sang "Happy Birthday" when he walked in.


Upstairs he had a bedroom (people live in this bookstore by the way -- if you're a writer, you can stay in central Paris for free), and I had a few minutes with him one-on-one as he cleared out the room after the campaign, gathering the last of his things. I didn't hesitate to walk up to him and say hello.


I thanked him for putting on such a strong campaign, and then said, "You know, this is not an easy time to be running for president. We're exactly between two paradigms." A paradigm is a reality-framework. However, I was not even sure what I meant by the comment myself.


"The old paradigm hasn't quite given up and the new one isn't in place strongly enough to work with so easily."


As I woke up and cleared my head, I realized that knew exactly what I was saying. The world is in the midst of a major shift in phases of history right now. Nothing is entirely predictable or dependable; we are in a position where we have to learn to adapt and adapt well. From this standpoint is that it looks like pure chaos. But there is some order and reason to the process; I believe there is something we can trust happening, despite all appearances.


The thing that disturbs me the most about what I've been seeing come through my inbox and feeling in talking to people around me is the fear. There is the fear on the part of people who are waging their various campaigns of hate and rage; and there is the fear on the part of those of us who are concerned about the world. If you are one of those people who truly feels for the planet and her people, I know that this is a time when there can be an overwhelming sense of responsibility and a great deal of sadness. We know how much of what we see happening is unnecessary.


There was a time not long ago when dealing with fear was a good spiritual exercise so that you could feel better. These days, it's a survival tool, and it may turn out to be the most important collective survival tool we have. I recognize that we have a lot to be scared and angry about these days. But there are only two things you can really do to make it better. One is to be as open with the people around you as you can. The second is to love as much as you can from wherever you are.


More than "getting over fear," we need to love. And I think we need to not be so shy about love, hiding it away in little boxes and paper bags. It would be a really good thing if we could express our affection for people more openly, and not have that freak us out, too.


Just love. It's safe. It's the only safety.


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