Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Grand Trine/Kite


November 12, 2004


Dear Eric:

What is the significance of a grand trine/kite in a composite chart? I am unable to find anything on this subject. Can you help?


Sylvie Mauviel



Dear Sylvie,

With this question, you are well into chart interpretation territory, rather than "simple question, simple answer" territory. There are so many different things that can occur in astrology that they could not all be covered in books. So, what we do is learn to interpret from the unique chart.


However, upon reflection, I can offer a suggestion: the point of the kite is the planet where you can go for information about how to get out of an endless loop you're in with your partner.


A composite chart is a combination of both charts (which are merged, using mathematics) and it's read in the same way as a normal natal chart.


For those who want a refresher on grand trines and kites, see the edition of two weeks ago when I went over a double grand air trine and the kite pattern associated with it; a chart was included. But to sum up, a grand trine offers a great deal in the way of harmony, talent and reward; but it can create cyclical patterns that are difficult to get out of. So the point of the kite -- a planet that's located exactly between two points of the trine -- is the place to look for information about how to get free of the cycle.


Study everything by house and sign placement, and house rulership! The house that the kite planet rules (based on the sign located on the cusp) will tell you a lot about the subject matter it represents.