Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Homosexuality in a Personal Chart


November 12, 2004


Dear Eric:

I have ordered Jonathan's chart for couples. It was mostly right on, which surprised me, but thank you. I was just curious, can astrologers tell if someone is homosexual by doing their birth chart? Thank you for your time.





Dear Lisa,

I'm glad you like Jonathan's reports. I'm a long-time fan of his writing and I think he's only getting better.


There are two questions to your question: No and But.


Let's start with no.


At this point in the history of the mind's evolution, ethics and personal freedom, my take is that it's a bad idea to pre-judge somebody by their chart. This goes for homosexuality or any other subject. That being said, astrologers often find ourselves having to read charts for information. But in the tradition of the Quaker religion, I like to stick to using the chart for the purpose of "advices and queries" whenever possible rather than for making judgments; it's a long way from one to the other. And if I have to interpret and really give an opinion, I often put a disclaimer up, which I usually state on this page as the, "Astrology is a story about you" statement, so that if the story doesn't work, you have a psychological exit hatch.


Judging someone homosexual with their chart is a good example of an especially non-harmless use of astrology. I believe that it's dangerous and unethical. Why judge when you can say to a person, "What do you want?" or "Where have you been lately?"


If you are the subject of the inquiry -- I don't know, I'm just covering that base -- I am here to remind you that it's fine, beautiful and excellent for you to be who you are.


I feel strongly that astrologers need to support people in creating their life the way they want it, and moreover, in being who they really are. We can afford to give them a boost in getting over their guilt and self-doubt. We can afford to see them as good and as essentially healthy -- and as essentially free. If we're going to make assumptions, these are the ones to make.


In attempting to say that someone is gay as a fact of their chart, we deny them the freedom to choose.


As regards sexual orientation, there is, I believe, a fundamental misunderstanding in the world. People are not generally not black or white entities, they don't usually fit into strict categories, and -- big surprise -- we change. For this and many other reasons, I don't honor the strict categorization of homosexuality by dint of astrology or anything else. Plenty of 'straight' people have had many experiences with those of their own gender; plenty of lesbian or gay people have had snuggly, sexy nights with the opposite sex. Some people are lesbian for 20 years and then decide they need some time with a man. Some gay men find themselves loving a woman.


As I get older and hear what people have to say, I am coming around to the thinking that the declaration of gay or lesbian is as much about a social need and a political statement as it is a statement of actual sexual orientation. Sexual orientation is a big part of the statement, but there are many other facets. Hence, the statement by a woman, "I have sex with my best [female] friend but I'm not a lesbian." I get it.


Most people have some notion of being turned on by same-sex desires, though often it's in fantasy form only. Unfortunately, within the gay community, movable sexual orientation or bisexuality in any form has had an extremely difficult time being recognized as legitimate. And often, many heterosexuals seem less-then-comfortable knowing that a person they associate with swings both ways, and there can be prejudices against this. So the whole discussion of bisexuality is basically held down about everywhere but the Bisexual Support Group.


As for but.


There is plenty of information that astrology can give us with regards to how someone expresses their sexuality, and what difficulties they might be having.


Sexual orientation is a unique expression of an original, individual person. So is an astrology chart. There is a relationship. In other words, there are not two or three sexual orientations -- such as gay, bi and straight; there is a sexual orientation for each person on the planet, because each expresses their sexuality individually. Astrology is an excellent tool to use to explore these unique expressions, because charts are so highly individualized, and because astrology acknowledges that every person has many expressions of male and female within them, which combine, mix and match in countless different expressions.


But the action word is explore, rather than assess.


Astrologers know that every person possesses Sun and Moon; Venus and Mars; their sign, and their opposite (and opposite gender) sign.


This means we all have a male side and a female side. In fact, there are many male and many female aspects of each person, which blend in some rather interesting ways. In each person these energies are working together in some form or another, and they are struggling a bit harder for expression in life. At times, they may do more resisting than cooperating. And since each person's primary sexual relationship is to him or herself, I believe that all sexual expression emerges from a core of 'same sex' relating (i.e., oneself) relating, and develops from there.


There are many interesting questions surrounding sexual orientation, and sexual expression that can be taken to the chart, such as: what might be blocking someone from expressing themselves emotionally, sexually, or romantically? What were the early conditions? To what extent do they identify with either of their parents? What are the sexual role models pointed to in the chart, and what is the relationship to these? I suggest that any information be collected using both the chart and the client, with the client leading the way in the discussion and the chart applied very gently, as a guide to inquiry or a reflecting pool.


I also suggest that astrology students and professional astrologers get familiar with some of what has been written about sexuality since the 1970s, as a means of untangling their own prejudice, learning the range of what is normal, and illuminating a little of the ignorance of our society. There are many good books and web pages. Most of them are not in the astrology section.


I also suggest that astrologers work through any hesitation or embarrassment they may have about discussing sexual subject matter openly (which takes practice). Many of us carry judgments about sex, everyone has some guilt and shame to process, and we need to let to those go as well. And most of all, I suggest we accept, embrace and offer the idea of sexuality as a healthy and natural expression of life. Down the street of Western thought, in the science, psychiatry, psychology, religion and moralism departments, sex and sexuality are often considered taboo, icky, sinful, or embarrassing subjects more fit to be ignored than embraced honestly.


We owe the world more -- a lot more.


As astrologers, we're practicing a holistic art -- that is, astrology by its nature covers all of existence. Let's give a big Bronx cheer for being open-minded and honoring the experiences, needs and desires of everyone -- including our own.


Thank you for asking, Lisa.