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What Is a Stellium?


November 5, 2004


Hi Eric and staff:

Would you please explain what a "stellium" means? I have 5 planets in Scorpio -- date of birth is Nov. 11, 1958 at 5:45 a.m. in Pineville, Kentucky, USA. I love your column on Jonathan Cainer's website -- very interesting and informative! Thanks!


November Gal



Dear November,

Happy birthday! I'm going to refer you to the question above for a description of a stellium and its energy, and though that addresses one particular event, you can make some generalizations. By strict definition, it's a grouping of planets in a sign, or a grouping of planets in general, though not including the Sun or the Moon.


By practical definition, it's a clustering of planets, and most astrologers will include clusters that include the Sun and the Moon. It's all kind of a misnomer anyway because "stella" means star, and in this discussion, we're talking about planets and luminaries. But the early astronomers and astrologers (for a long time there was no difference) often referred to planets as stars, which is understandable enough. People like Galileo and Kepler had not yet come along to explain the basics to them.


Anyway, the result of clustering the energy together can create focus. There is a concentrating of energy. This happens to be in your first house. That energy is sitting there waiting for something big to come along and stir the pot. For example, Chiron came through your Scorpio grouping in 1997-1998. What were the circumstances of your life at that time? They will tell you a lot about the true nature of your Scorpio stellium, as will the events of your life between 1977-1982 when Chiron opposed all those planets from Taurus.


Also -- next week there is a new Moon in Scorpio quite close to your natal New Moon in Scorpio -- so I would be curious to hear about the most important aspects of your life right now.


Curious to hear what you come up with! Make it concise and I'll publish some of it here, referring back to this question.