Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Solar Eclipse


October 29, 2004


Dear Eric (the most peace-loving person I know):

Why does a solar eclipse have such a profound effect on people? How can people make it a positive experience, even when all around them is pure chaos and confusion? I'm feeling a huge increase in anxiety and fear, and feeling powerless, even though the power is already there. My wee ones are feeling it too. All I can do is hug them and love them, as well as snuggle with them as they sleep. If there isn't an answer, that's okay.


Peace, Love and Joy to you,





Hey Christine!

What a surprise to see your letter, which I selected from the list of many I received this week without even looking at the names. You're the only person with whom I've ever actually witnessed a solar eclipse, that day up on the mountain in New Paltz in the spring of 1994. I remember those strange double shadows and the unusual intensity of that summer -- which was the summer of Woodstock '94, the comet hitting Jupiter and the year I dove head first into the study of astrology. Now it occurs to me that because we could see the eclipse, the mystical shadow of the Moon swept across our community that very year. And I became an eclipse devotee.


I know well about the chaos you describe surrounding eclipses, even when they are not visible. I'm not sure the chaos itself is the positive (or rather pleasant) part of the experience, though some people tend to thrive on it. Rather, going through an eclipse consciously can be rewarding because it frees us from the past, opens up a new region of the future, and presents us with challenges from which we learn a lot and hopefully take that knowledge to heart. Eclipses can feel like spiritual initiations -- intense phases of testing and concentrated experience that take us to new levels of reality.


It's possible to do a lot of speculation about why solar eclipses, or any eclipses, have such a profound effect on people, and I think that in the end, the reason will remain veiled in some mystery. It may be that physics will hand us information some day and give a tangible 'why'. But all lunar events (such as New Moons, Full Moons and even Quarter Moons) have a significant and noticeable effect on people; in the event of an eclipse, we get far more exact alignment. The degree of contact is greater. In the case of a solar eclipse, the shadow of the Moon actually makes a path across the Earth (whereas with a normal New Moon, that shadow is cast somewhere in space and nobody sees it).


But looking for astrological clues, there is with every eclipse the involvement of the lunar nodes. If you go back in the archives of this project you'll find a fairly long article on the nodes -- I think it was in the Sept. 10 edition. I have often pondered whether it is the nodes that give eclipses their power, or eclipses that give the nodes their power. The two however seem to work closely together. One clue is that the nodes are always influential, and become especially so when the Sun and Moon align around them (at eclipse time).


When working with them, I experience the nodes like a kind of a time tunnel, like a jet of rapidly moving air -- only it's a flood of space-time -- that blows through consciousness and experience. That is the sense of time being compressed, karma accelerating and general chaos. When the Sun and Moon line up with the nodes (which they must for an eclipse to occur), we get caught in the draft and the whole process of resolving karma, releasing the past, seeking purpose and finding our true direction accelerates; hence the intensity and the fuss. Also the break of continuity that eclipses represent is more than most people can handle. Eclipses represent phases of division where the past and the future become very different than one another -- if we let them, and sometimes, no matter how much we resist. It's best to work with the energy rather than fight it and use eclipses as times to make important changes.


It's really good to hear from you, and give your babes a hug from me (sitting writing this on a train in Roosendaal, Holland, the namesake of Rosendale, NY, where I had my first astrology office back in 1994, and right near where we saw that eclipse!). The train actually backed up and went to Roosendaal just as I was writing this paragraph -- or I never would have noticed that. Gawd, synchronicity is such a trip. Hello to everyone in the Hudson Valley who has found Jonathan's page through Chronogram magazine, where my column originates.