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November 5, 2004


Hello Eric:

What are the influences of Chiron and how long will Chiron be in Cancer? I understand that it has been there since 2001.





Dear Elizabeth,

Many people have said many things about Chiron. Personally, I give it the keywords RAISE AWARENES.


Chiron was discovered at the height of the Human Potential Movement in 1977. The human potential movement emphasized individuality, collective cooperation, developing a mature sense of self, actualizing our gifts and talents, and taking responsibility for our choices. The Human Potential Movement's ideas are pretty much the antithesis to the pressures that we live with in society today: conform, sign off on your rights, repress your feelings, shut down your awareness and so on.


Chiron is hip to this. He always finds a way to get his message through.


Chiron also addresses the question and theme of healing, from spiritual healing to surgery. A prominent Chiron placement is often found in the charts of healers, social visionaries, and many others whose role it is to make contact with the inner light of people, their natural self-healing ability, and many more similar qualities.


Chiron has been in Capricorn, the opposite sign to Cancer, since December 2001. It moves briefly into Aquarius in the spring of 2005, and returns to late Capricorn. Next year is the transitional year between Chiron in Capricorn and Chirion in Aquarius, which will take us through 2011 -- that is, through one year before 2012.


The Chiron in Capricorn era began in December 2001, right about when Enron declared bankruptcy. Capricorn (in its collective sense rather than personal) is the sign of business and government. Chiron is an energy that brings awareness, using a fairly wide variety of methods. Chiron transiting Capricorn has brought a great deal to awareness in the aspects of life involving business and government -- numerous corporate scandals, for example, the Iraq war, and one of the most hotly contested political campaigns in several generations.


Think of the many ways that the campaign brought politics to public awareness, even on a global scale: this was an election that the whole world watched and anticipated closely. The thing to remember about Chiron in Capricorn is that this transit 'means business' and, on and off, there is still a year for it to do its work.


The last time Chiron was in Caprocorn was during the rise of Senator Joe McCarthy, who went around accusing everyone of being a communist. There is a touch of fanaticism to this transit. The whole thing did not end well for McCarthy.

Here is an article done in 2001 about Chiron in Capricorn:


Now, this Chiron-Capricorn energy begins to change in the spring of 2005, when Chiron goes into Aquarius for the first time in about 44 years. Chiron will stay in Aquarius for about six years. In other words, we are about to experience the main astrological event that will carry us through the span of years between now and whatever 2012, holds. Chiron in Aquarius is the bridge to the next really big meeting point between the past and the future (2012). Most readers of this web page are familiar with the concept of 2012 and a big turnover in the Mayan calendar -- the end of the 13th Baktun, which has lasted about 1.8 million days.


But that's a subject for another question.


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