Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Libra Rising


October 22, 2004


Dear Eric:

You've been going on for several essays about Libra, and I was wondering how all this affects a Libra ascendant. I've read in your column before that your horoscopes are also written for ascendants. I also have a Gemini Sun and a Gemini Moon. Things have been too weird the past month or so, and I'm really getting worn out. The emotional toll so far has almost sent me right over the edge, and I don't know how much more I can take, but having some preparation I suppose could help.



Libra Rising



Dear Libra Rising:

It sounds like you need a change of pace. And it sounds like you need some support. Can you arrange either or both of those things?


An eclipse in your ascendant is certainly a lot of pressure. And when it works, it will put you in touch with something about yourself and relieve a lot of pressure. In any event, the message is big changes. Often the struggle associated with an eclipse involves trying to hold fast to old patterns when the new ones are trying to come in.


There are always many factors at work in our astrology. When I write for Libra, I tend to build in the factor of Libra rising. In consumer-type astrology, such as a Sun sign horoscope or my weekly birthday reports, the question is whether people identify more with their rising sign, or their Sun sign. This is usually based on the level of understanding of astrology.


I suggest that people get into astrology a little more rather than a little less, and if you're up to being curious about your Moon and rising signs, you've got what it takes.


And you're also getting a condensed Eclipse class. Since your letter was written a few weeks ago, it may be that things have changed considerably for you. Please let me know.