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What the World Reveals


October 15, 2004


Hello World:

Last night waiting for the solar eclipse presidential debate to come on, I mentioned to one of my house guests the Venus transit of the Sun earlier this summer. She had never heard of it, so I looked up a picture on Astronomy Picture of the Day and showed her. I explained a little about the event and how the next one comes in 2012, the year that the 13th Baktun of the Mayan Long Count reaches the end of its run -- essentially culminating a 1.8 million day, day count the same year as the next transit of the Sun by Venus.


We experienced a solar eclipse overnight Wednesday to Thursday, and there will be a lunar eclipse on May 28. We are now in the two week interval between these two eclipses, which is a distinct phase of time, kind of like living in a hidden valley high in the mountains. The air is different, the weather is different, and the people are a bit unusual.


In much the same way, because we are between two Venus transits of the Sun, this is an unusual stretch of history. Those who follow the cycles and trends of history are no doubt noticing this. But what do these seven years until 2012 hold? A lot of changes, that's for sure, even based purely on looking at the number of outer planets that change signs between now and then. Though I think that, because these are the first eclipses of the Sun and Moon after the momentous June 8 Venus transit of the Sun, that these weeks tell us a little something about the energy of the next seven years.


Let's look and listen carefully and see what the story of the world reveals, and what choices we have in the matter. Those choices matter, because making decisions is the way we exercise freedom. One of the ideas I'm drumming into my thought process is that 2012 is up for grabs. We get to decide what that time frame is about. And we can take some target practice on an impressive eclipse of the Moon in about 14 days, at the next Full Moon, that is developing as we speak.


Here are some responses to your mail this week. Thank you for the great letters. It is, as always, a pleasure and an honor to be able to respond.