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A New Season


September 24, 2004


Dear Readers

Welcome to a new season -- really, a new mini-era of history. Can you feel the energy moving? I've said a lot of times, and don't feel like I'm taking a big chance in doing so -- the next three months promise to be some of the most interesting we've witnessed in a long time. We are all in a perfect position for the affairs of the wide and wild world to speak to us directly, and to learn from them directly. People who have spent years (sometimes many years) developing their spiritual or healing knowledge are likely to have many opportunities to express their gifts.


You know, it's kind of strange, if you ask me -- not so long ago we were looking forward to the new age of peace and enlightenment, and now we seem to face all kinds of very intense, unnecessary conflict every day and even every hour; many people want to bury their heads in quicksand, and who can blame them, as there seems so little we can do except try and get by.


But as far as I can tell, this new age is something we need to create for ourselves, and can do so intentionally. We need to start on a small scale and make our own opportunities for getting together and raising awareness, and celebrating life; we need to teach one another right from wrong, or at least explore the issues; we need to help one another when we're making challenging decisions or having difficult times. We need to share our gifts with the world not hoard them up for the future or till we're 'perfect'. It is true that the more you give, the more you find out you have.


And we need to ask questions. Question Reality, as the bumper sticker says.


Last week I mentioned something about a black holes in early Libra. Here is last week's essay from Planet Waves Weekly which sheds some light on what's going on in Libra, and why this particular time is so crucial, beautiful, unique and downright wild.


Equinox: With Love from M87


And here are some reflections on your questions this week.