Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS


October 1, 2004


Hello Eric Angel:

My question to you relates to intimate relationships. In the past I have been able to commit to several relationships with men that have lasted four or years. And then I have always felt the need to leave in order to keep growing. It seems that for the past five years that the more I go into the fullness of myself, the idea of a committing to a lasting relationship with one man seems less natural. Not even authentic. I wonder if this is a convenient smoke screen I have erected to protect my wounds or an evolutionary truth that hasn't settled into a comfortable position yet. The only thing I am committed to is following this path of mine, which is unfortunately quite poorly lit at times, and unpaved too. And disappointingly only wide enough for one. What think you? Have I gone off the map? Has the ego taken over? My stats; June 25, 1968 Canberra, Australia,11.40 p.m. Many thanks to you for the torch,





Dear Angie,

Lose no sleep: you're definitely off the map of our society-- or rather, off of one map and onto another. I'll come to your chart in a moment -- a personal map, by the way, that you are definitely ON. Let's start with contemplating a widely-held belief within our culture and many cultures: that people are made to couple up with one other individual and, like a pair of oxygen molecules, float around the universe as one person forever.


Some people do a pretty good job with this model. I know some happily coupled people. Most of them have to work at it, though. Others find being with one person exclusively to be seriously compromising of their growth. Stability at all costs can be very compromising of growth, and conversely, growth 'threatens' stability, or it seems to unless two people can really agree on what it means to become, together, and give one another a lot of room to be themselves. (That is called love.) Many, many people are pretending to be monogamous -- no judgments here, we do what we can, and what we must -- but let's keep the relationship discussion real. Affairs are rampant within monogamous culture.


The thing to remember is that there is no mandatory model of relating, no matter what our parents, the local priest or anyone else says. The other thing to remember is that our society -- Western society, that is, including everything from Pepsi commercials to our friends -- usually insists that we do things the normal way, and can make us feel like the universe is going to come off the rails if someone makes an original decision where their private relationship life is concerned.


Astrology has a lot to say about this. Implied in every chart is the statement that every person is a unique individual and must navigate, negotiate and create their life their original way. I call this part of the inherent wisdom of astrology. Every chart is unique. Every person is unique. And there are many ways in life to express oneself. There are 12 houses, 12 signs and many planets, and these go off in every direction.


To respond to your question directly, no, I don't think that you're making a smoke screen to protect your wounds. Rather, I think you have made a discovery about yourself. And I would add that you are a brave person to put your need and desire into words.


I hear yourself saying that you must make your own way in life, without a primary partner. Presumably, though, you're going to need companionship, and you're going to want sex. If these are true, then you face the journey of negotiating your arrangement with each person you know. In a sense, every relationship becomes negotiable, boundaries become movable, and definitions like friend and lover can begin to blur. This is part of the unpaved path of which you speak.


As for the chart: in the space I have, I'll focus on two aspects. The first is that you have late Pisces in the ascendant (the next-to-last degree), in which we do a lot of self-creating. Right there, you have Chiron in early Aries rising. The late degrees of Pisces rising last about 15 minutes, while Chiron in Aries went on for about eight years. That one placement has shaped an entire generation. It is about a nearly endless quest for self-identity. It is the search for meaning in the words I Am. The previous, slightly older generation of Chiron in Pisces defines its search for self in much more collective terms: there is a cosmic quest, a search for faith, the need to participate in the planetary awakening. Chiron in Aries, which defined what some historians have termed the Me Generation, is far more individualistic. And you embody this generational placement very personally.


You with me so far? I thought so.


When it's lived out well, Chiron in Aries will find itself at any cost. But this process of finding oneself can be very complicated and it's not particularly well supported by the world, except in the abundant opportunities available on the planet to bang into people and things. Then, every now and then, a door opens; a key turns; a teacher or partner arrives; a miracle happens. Chiron in Aries has that bit of 'dragon luck' when it counts the most. Meanwhile, Chiron rising (which can occur when Chiron is in any sign -- this part is based solely on the birth time), will struggle with the right to exist, or the question of existence until it comes round right. When lived out as an injury, Chiron in Aries will negate its own existence, or will live like the struggle to find oneself can never end and never be resolved. So there's a choice involved in the placement; or perhaps a choice at every opportunity that exists where one may either stand fully in his or her own life, or make a compromise and give up part of their soul.


I think from your letter it's clear what direction you are taking this choice.


Second, equally interesting, if not more so. People who don't follow the language of astrology, let the words evoke something if you can: your 4th house of security and emotional wellbeing is a very interesting place. In it dwells a tight cluster of planets: Moon, Mars, Sun, and Venus. The Moon is in the end of Gemini, so close to the end that you have to divide the zodiac into about 10,000 slices to measure it accurately. It is dangling quite literally in the last minutes of its transit through Gemini, and moved into Cancer before you left the delivery room. Interesting, yes? Then, immediately following that, is a cluster of the Sun, which is the primary planet of identity, grouped with Mars and Venus, the planets that represent gender polarity, duality, sex and the two big ways that one can express desire: actively or receptively.


All of this is placed in the most emotional house, the 4th. The implication is that you embody a quest for security at the same time you live on a razor's edge of security.


Because the Moon is so close to the end of Gemini and the Sun so close to the beginning of Cancer, your are born in the last moments of a lunar cycle, and the New Moon that happened about six hours after you were born was with the Sun close to the solstice, the beginning of summer. This tells me that the story of THE END is told in your relationship with security; there is something about letting go of false security or that sense of clinging, and plunging into the real thing.


Security about what? About your own existence; about defining your existence; about expressing the truth of who you are with a kind of urgency that would scare the wits out of most people. And it seems to me that this describes your desire to be an independent person, and the sole person to whom you answer.


One last thing: you're not the only person going through this. People from every generation alive on the planet today, and many before, and many many many today, are working with and at times wresting with these questions. You are not alone, and working toward your independence does not mean you need to be. But as you say, you are striking forth in the wilderness. Bring some good tools. Get to know the natives. Keep a diary.