Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Taurus -- Writing Prospects


August 27, 2004


Dear Eric:

I'm a Taurus, born Apr. 20, 1980, 12:49 p.m. in Seattle, Washington. I've gotten the impression from some other astrologers, as well as from my own research, that my writing career won’t take off until I'm a bit older. Is this true? Because if it is, it's going to be a hard few years for me, because of how my family is. I'm wondering if I'll ever find a job that I can semi-enjoy, while I work on my career?

Thanks, Quicksilver



Dear Quicksilver

As a professional writer, I can tell you that except under rare circumstances, writing careers take a while, so dig in for the long haul, and learn how to have fun with exactly what you are doing today. Then get the hang of developing your plans over time. The most important thing to do is preserve your editorial freedom - that is, your freedom to think they way you want to think - while you learn your basic skills and make some money. This is often challenging and there are often little compromises. But writing is, in the end, a highly independent way of life and independence that is the foundation.


Writing is often a business. You need to learn the business if you want to be a professional writer. Most creative types struggle with this factor, which is that they don't like business. I don't recommend this approach! If you don't like business, get over it fast, or get yourself around people who do like business and who will support you unflinchingly. Writing professionally implies that you will be selling your writing, so you have to get used to putting yourself on the auction block and learn to do it in evermore dignified and compelling ways.


It always helps to hone your talents 12 hours a day. And every now and again someone may reach down from Mt. Olympus and help assist in ways that you will hopefully appreciate at the time. To this end, don't keep what you're doing a secret. Rather, send it to specific people whose work interests you, and put it where people can find it, such as on the Internet and in the hands of editors.


As for your astrology, Taurus is good for the long haul, that's for sure. But there is a lot else going on in your chart, which I can only summarise. You have energy, thank God. You have determination. You have guts. So far so good.


Neptune in Sagittarius, it may take you some time to figure out whether you want to be a creative writer or an intellectual writer. In truth, squares call for integrating both sides of the square. So if you are going to be a creative writer (fiction or film for example), expect little satisfaction from anything except work that really feeds you intellectually. If an intellectual, you need to be the creative freak amongst your peers, ultimately offering the spiritual view amidst all the facts and figures.


With Chiron on your midheaven, you can safely expect a rather unique experience of a professional life; Chiron in this position is the professional maverick. You will as a result go through many transformations, and will be guided above all else by a humanitarian spirit.


But hey, learn some bookkeeping, and get a job selling used cars or vacuum cleaners for a couple of months. That will help you shamelessly huck and pitch your writing, which translates loosely to paying the rent and buying food. You can do it. And you will.