Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Monster on a Full Moon

July 16, 2004


Dear Eric:

We have a 14-year-old Son who was born on the 5th September 1989 at 3:05 a.m. He was two weeks premature and weighed 3 lbs., 9 oz. For the past 4-5 years, he has changed from a lovely Son to a monster, always on a Full Moon. No one can help us. Our Doctor said if he were a girl he would put him on hormone tablets!


Is there anything in his star chart that would indicate whether this has anything to do with the Moon? We are convinced it does but no one can understand it or help us deal with it or help our Son, Stuart.


We would love to hear from you if you have any insight into this. We don't know where to turn.



Rachael and David



Dear Rachael and David,

Any cop, waitress and even the local film developing guy will tell you that people respond to the Full Moon. To me it is more than interesting that half the population lives with a biological cycle that is directly related to the Moon, sometimes timed down to the day. And if one half of the population does, that makes it fairly likely that the other half does as well, even if it's less noticeable.


It's working out to be somewhat more noticeable with your son. And I realize this is a confounding situation; I can see you sitting in a doctor's office explaining it, to a blank stare. Yet the fact that you've noticed that this involves the Full Moon is helpful; it provides at least a clue.


I'm going to answer in two halves.


Part one. I suggest a holistic approach. Holistic is a gentle, somewhat slow way to solve a problem, and often living with it for a while is the recommended approach. As you've done this already, having the right mindset is important. Western medicine teaches us that we need to dive in and set things straight. Holistic medicine teaches that there is a gradual healing process -- and that something inside your son is going to heal him, even if he requires the assistance of adults around him.


Were I faced with your situation, knowing what I know, I would contact a classical homeopath. I say this recognizing that not everyone believes in homeopathy or can see the sense it, but I also say this as a student of homeopathy and as someone whom this art has helped a great deal. To me this seems like a gentle approach that would lead you to the office of a practitioner who is able to look at the problem in its many layers, including your son's personal story, his emotional makeup, his family situation, our stressful time in history, and others.


Homeopaths are the original practitioners who deal with the mind-body connection and who are quite good at handling psychic and energetic themes as well. If you contact my office I will recommend someone in your area.


I also suggest finding someone for your child to talk to, outside the family. I would recommend a therapist who takes a minimalist approach and who would not give your child drugs. This must be someone who your son likes, gets along with and feels comfortable with. More than anything he needs to be given an opportunity to work things out for himself, in his own time. And, if you can afford it, I suggest that this be a prolonged process that lasts six months to two years, if it's going well. It can under the best conditions take months for a person to trust a therapist enough to open up a bit.


Looking at his chart, it is very likely that your child is struggling with emotional frustration. He has not only the Sun in Virgo, but Mars in Virgo as well, and this feels to me like trapped energy or fire that is struggling to burst out but is getting hung up in his mind. Then the Full Moon comes along and the tide of energy rises.


As well, he is a deep, deep young man. With both the Moon and Pluto in Scorpio, it is difficult to fathom the depths of his heart or the intensity of his feelings -- including loneliness. He is not easy to reach; this you know; yet the only way to reach a difficult to reach person is gently. He has some intense feelings brewing in there and he may, at times, not want to be disturbed. And yes that Scorpio Moon and Pluto in Scorpio have a distinct hormonal feeling, but again I don't recommend any drugs -- I shudder at the thought. (Homeopathy is a non-drug approach that takes much more into account.)


It is possible that he has experienced the early onset of puberty. In any event, he's at that age now, where a great deal changes and manhood kicks into high gear. I think you need to be open and honest with him about the changes that his body and feelings are going through, and let him know he's okay with you whatever he feels and whoever he is.


Kids all need deep reassurance, consistency and love. They need to know they are okay the way they are. They need to feel this, and often they need to be told. In any case, I suggest that this not be made into a 'big deal' because it is only likely to multiply if so. This is just life; this is his life; how he is treated by the adults around him now will say a lot about how he's treated in the future.


I wish you the best.