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Time of Birth Unknown -- Rectification

June 25, 2004


Dear Eric:

My birth data is checked from the hospital where I was born, and my mother also gave me the same data, so I don’t have any real doubts about it. But I understand that it’s possible that there could be a difference of couple of minutes.


But this spring I came interested about rectification -- although I’m a lazy Taurus and I’m not sure if I have enough energy to do it even if I knew how to do it, and I’m reluctant for changes, I don’t want my chart to look different...

Some months ago in the Finnish astrology list we were talking about eclipses and I wrote about the solar eclipse of July 22, 1990 conjunct my Uranus, and about the ending of my marriage. Someone (a Finnish astrologer) replied to that Uranus of the eclipse chart was within one degree conjunct my descendent, if my birth time would be only a little bit earlier. Since then this idea of rectification has been haunting me.




Dear K.M.,

Personally, I don't think it's necessary to make adjustments to a chart where both Mom and the hospital agree on the time. You have a chart that would have an A or AA rating in the Lois Rodden ( system; that's the best data there is. Many people have to make do with a lot worse ("born in the morning" kind of charts). Some people don't even know their day! And yes some people are unsure of their year of birth.

As for your Finnish astrologer friend -- he's splitting hairs. Just because this eclipse was a degree or two off of your exact descendent (relationship angle) does not mean that the angle is "incorrect." Angles and house cusps are sensitive for several degrees on either side, particularly to something so hot as an eclipse at the same time as a Uranus transit. Particularly your relationship angle. Besides which, Uranus crossing your relationship angle is a long process that unfolds over about two years. It will have peak moments -- but it's a process. Just like all of astrology.

To say that "the astrology would be perfect only if you were a little different" is getting things backwards, at best.