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Unaspected Sun


October 8 2004


Hi Eric (wherever you may be...)

Apparently, I have an unaspected Sun in my chart. Could you clarify what this means for me and how I may best work with it? My data is 30th March 1960, at 4:45 a.m. in Crayford, Kent, UK


Oceans of Warmth

Lily x



Dear Lily,

I've had a look at your chart. I'm not sure who told you that you have an unaspected Sun, but that's not what I'm looking at. First, I see your Sun (in Aries) makes quincunxes to both Neptune and Pluto, and is thus at the point of a yod pattern. That is about as aspected as you can get. I also see that your Sun is square Jupiter in Capricorn. I see that it's trine Uranus (true, by 8 degrees, but that's quite enough for the Sun making a trine, and the Sun is applying to Uranus in Leo, meaning it has a lower degree number -- greater emphasis). Your Sun is also square Saturn, again this is an 8 degree aspect but more than enough for the Sun. It makes a close sextile to Ceres, the first 'asteroid', really a full-on planet. And one of its closest aspects is a square to the minor planet Vesta (see edition from two weeks ago for more on Vesta). I have not searched minor aspects or additional minor planets, but you would find plenty going on if you did.


Thanks for taking the time to write. And by the way I'm in Paris.