Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

The Foreseeable Future

October 1, 2004


Dear Readers:

This week, I have focused on two questions rather than the usual four. The second one in particular required a bit more discussion than usual, as it deals with the current circumstances unfolding in the United States. As most of you know, I have not been particularly optimistic lately, in part because I'm as overwhelmed by the news as anyone else who is paying attention, and in part because I know too much about history for my own comfort. However, I was clicking around the Internet the other day and wound up on this really cool web page called, and I read this thought of the day on the front page:


"Many people are asking how I can possibly predict a brighter future given the worsening state of the world. Atrocities though, are nothing new. We are just becoming more aware of them now. That actually suggests more light, shining on the darkness. Millions marched against the war in Iraq. That too, was a glimmer above the horizon, suggesting a new dawn on the way. Even if our governments continue to cultivate conflict, they won't stop a more enlightened era from arriving. But by drawing curtains of deception and denial, we may just manage to shut out the light a little longer."


Frankly, I needed that! There is some solid reasoning in that bit of philosophy. Well anyway leave it to a Sagittarius.


Anyway -- longterm plans for the cosmos aside -- for the foreseeable future, we need to get used to the fact that the news is only going to get more intense, and interesting, associated with a series of eclipses and occultations through October and November -- eight in all. Any stargazers out there ever seen the like of this?


The seasons of eclipses are, ordinarily, among the most productive and progressive as well, if we use them consciously and intelligently. Add six occultations, that is, the Moon exactly eclipsing a planet, and we are looking at something quite unusual indeed. Mark your calendar; there is an eclipse of the Sun at the next New Moon, on Oct. 13 or 14 depending on your time zone, and then there is an eclipse of the Moon with the next Full Moon, on Oct. 28.