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September 17, 2004


Dear Eric:

I am by no means an astrologer, I just like to research and investigate and see how the universe relates to mankind and our destiny. I'm fascinated by Neptune's minimal appearance in Scorpio at GQ time, though. And I can't help but feel that there is a specific reason why, a spiritual reason why. It made me think...


1) Neptune is a water planet, and Scorpio is a water sign. Is that not a

good match?


2) What would be the astrological meaning/effect if Neptune was in Scorpio, in a grand quintile?


3) Further to my first question, would Neptune's 'downside' qualities, be too much for Scorpio's downside moments? (Weird question, I know.)



Curious about Neptune



Dear Curious,

I am not sure what you mean by GQ time. However, like all planets, Neptune's orbit is an ellipse. So its 164.8 year orbit is not going to be exactly even throughout, but it's a vastly large, stable planet and there is not going to be much difference from sign to sign. Pluto, to give another example, can take 12 years to go through a sign in the current era, while it will take 20 years in other eras -- a big difference when you figure people experience the Pluto square Pluto aspect now at about age 35, and experienced at 60 years old in previous generations!


Whether something is a watery planet in a water sign is one measure of whether it's a good match. But in fact, whether good or bad, we have to live with and learn from the energy of the planet in that era of history. Neptune was in Scorpio from about 1956 through about 1970. I think that the rise in drug use during that time should tell you something about the placement. Have you read much writing by the Beat Generation authors, such as Allen Ginsberg or Jack Kerouac? These people were coming into widespread popularity during the Neptune in Scorpio years and they took more drugs than most of us can conceive of, and their writing was heavily influenced by drugs. As were their readers.


This was also the time of the supposed sexual revolution, and that was based on a drug called the birth control pill, which came out in 1960. The illusion of the drug-based sexual revolution was sex without responsibility, which is not very revolutionary in my opinion. But at least we began to consider new ideas about sex, and practice them, which is the only way to make progress, even if that progress has some chaos mixed in with it.


Meanwhile, the drug-based sexual revolution was mixed up with a lot of inner emotional data that was being influenced, shaped, alchemized, clouded and distorted by a wide variety of drugs, particularly quite a lot of LSD as the mid-60s kicked in. So it is little wonder that so many in this generation are using drugs as a means of feeling better when they are angry or sad, and as a substitute for dealing with the intensity and pressures of the world -- and the requirements of their own growth.


As for the aspect question you raise. Generally, quintiles are aspects of flow and creativity. They move energy and seek their own organizational structure, which is very much in harmony with Neptune and its energy patterns when they express themselves in healthy ways -- and creativity is about the very best way to express that energy. Neptune is very much the deacon of inspiration and transcendence when he's tuned and playing in harmony with the chart.


As for Neptune's downside qualities -- which I've touched on a bit here -- I go over all of Neptune's qualities in detail in my Neptune in Aquarius Rant, below:


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