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Closing In on the Libra Equinox


September 17, 2004


Dear Readers:

We are now closing in on the Libra Equinox. This week's Virgo New Moon was an intense one, was it not? But this is just the beginning of a very interesting, exciting and challenging ride that comes as the Sun and many other planets (particularly Jupiter) begin to transit into Libra starting Sept. 22nd. While I'll be covering this in detail in Planet Waves, the most interesting thing about early Libra is that there is a cluster of black holes there that is, if you ask me, responsible for all the intensity of this sign.


This week I take a number of questions about astrology and at the end, a question about a serious personal matter sent in by a reader. Thank you for your ongoing questions and for being with me in this exciting dialog about astrology and life.


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Catch you next week, when autumn begins up here in the northern hemisphere. Down under, it's time for spring. Everywhere, it's time for change and progress.


Here are some responses to your comments and questions this week.