Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Feeling Like a Hurricane...


September 17, 2004


Dear Eric:

I feel as if the hurricanes plaguing the US have come to live with me here in Greece. I was born on 26 November 1973 at 4:20 am in Wolverhampton, UK. Many areas of my life seem to be in flux at present although I thought that my Saturn return had long gone. My relationship, which is very positive, is also facing challenges and family opposition (he is 4 October 1979, 2:20 am Athens, Greece). While both of us would prefer a stable home life. Do you see that in the stars? Due to past abuse issues I have often be attracted to unstable relationship situations, but it seems that that is changing.






Dear Lilith,

I would daresay that hurricanes are in the neighborhood, with Pluto going over your Sagittarius Moon again and again during the past 12+ months. Not only that, you have enough Sagittarius to lift a 747 vertically, with the Sun conjunct Neptune in that sign, along with the North Node. Talk about a natural born mystic! Ah but as you know, when you have your spirit attuned to the more subtle dimensions and the world and all its values seem utterly pointless, life can be especially challenging.


All this Sagittarius means you've been getting Pluto in one form or another going back to the mid-1990s. Then in 1999, that is, on Y2K New Year's Eve, there was the fairly rare conjunction of Chiron and Pluto. That may have seemed like a big crisis, but I assure you it was the beginning of something extraordinarily important in your life. It was very likely the time that you really began to understand how important your values are to you, and probably began to understand them in an entirely new way. Pluto seems to purify us and Chiron wants us to express who we are through direct experience.


Speaking of purify, Pluto has made a series of conjunctions to your Moon. In the technical sense, this transit is over and you should be able to feel the pressure coming off during the next few months. The thing with Pluto transits is you have to be mindful of some 'post traumatic stress' where they are concerned -- but I have no doubt that this one taught you to hold your own and in many ways compelled you to really get a feeling for what makes you feel both safe and unsafe in the world.


But the most important thing it's likely to have done is stripped a lot of power away from your mother and the emotional patterns she engrained in you. This was Pluto conjunct the Moon. A similar process is likely to have happened with your father with Pluto conjunct the Sun some years ago.


By this time, Lilith, you should have a very firm sense of who you are (to the extent that Sun-Neptune can be firm, of course) but you are likely to know very well on an intuitive level.


But firm is what you must be. Either the people in your life understand your values, or they don't. I recognize that families can put a lot of pressure on relationships, though there comes a time when relatives must be told to mind their own beeswax so you can mind yours. Take a close look at your 9th house. That represents the hidden psychological legacy of one of your parents, and that person has some noteworthy religious hang-ups.


These are not yours. Let's not allow any priests to tell the monks of a different order that their cosmology is all wrong. They can have their church, and you can have your monastery. And if you don't think Christmas is fun, you don't have to play that game. I write these words realizing I'm writing to someone in Greece, in the old world. But, Lilith, the galaxy is big enough for everyone, including you, and the man you love.