Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS


September 24, 2004


Hi Eric:

Thank you, your column is very informative, as always. I wonder if you could tell me about the movement of Jupiter into Libra (the sign it was visiting at my birth). Would a Jupiter return now be auspicious? I was born in Crosshouses (near Shrewsbury) UK, on 10th May, 1958, at 3pm BST. Also, will the nodal eclipses on the Scorpio/Taurus axis, which finish in April 2005, alter the vibrations from Jupiter?





Dear Karen,

This will be a very basic introduction (and warm welcome, give a hand) to Jupiter in Libra, which I'll develop over the next couple of weeks. Jupiter makes its ingress into Libra for the first time since 1993 on Sept. 25. Jupiter into Libra coincides with the equinox (Sun into Libra), as well as Mars, Mercury and Ceres.

This whole extravaganza completes a long, long year of Jupiter in Virgo. It is like to celebrate, there's going to be a huge party in Libra. The Virgo-Jupiter era has certainly been a wee bit uncomfortable, but undeniably necessary (Virgo loves things to be necessary). Our minds (Virgo) have been overwhelmed with international news (Jupiter). I think this era has also been a time of focus on the endless details and facts (I will not list them, you can just scan over for a sample), but minus the necessary context. What does it all mean, after all? It's not meaningless, but what we don't know what it means (all this international news, all these developments). Jupiter in Libra will help us focus on feeling, on the larger themes that the small bits add up to, and judging things by their beauty rather than by how much 'sense' they seem to make. We live in a world where a lot of ugly things are starting to become very sensible. I'm personally looking forward to a vacation from that, even if it happens out in the reaches of the Solar System. But I think the message will come home to Earth.


Basically, on the most personal level, The Idiot's Guide to Jupiter (not a real book, but it sounded like a nice contradiction) tells us: Jupiter's position by natal placement or position by transit are where you should go looking for the good stuff. What good stuff? Most of it, since Jupiter opens the door. Where Jupiter is, is where you can strive, usually with success, to expand your affairs, your horizons, your fortunes and your quality of life. And at the same time, you get a big cushion of protection to help you operate safely while you're doing it.


Libra is an extremely interesting sign (see essay series this month in Planet Waves Weekly). It may be the most interesting of them all, by comparison, given how misunderstood and under-rated it (and its natives) usually are. But we need to have some way to explain why John Lennon, Oscar Wilde, Patric Walker, his excellent successor Sally Brompton, and many other very intense, passionate and creative people were born with the Sun in this region of space.


Jupiter is the point of meeting between Venus and Saturn, two planets widely considered to be incompatible. The goddess of love and nature does not, allegedly, go well with the god of structure, limitation and government. Except that Venus is the ruler of Libra, and Saturn is exalted in that sign. So not only do both planets have strong dignity in Libra, this suggests they also have a much closer relationship than most people acknowledge, wherever you may find them in the chart. (This bit of wisdom comes from Vedic astrology.)

In your natal chart you have a really excellent arrangement of Venus, the North Node and Neptune in your 2nd house. You have a lot to offer! And your primary mission on Earth is to love who you are and learn deep self-respect about what you value and hold important. Then you share it like there's no tomorrow, if you want to keep the supply abundant. This set-up is trine (120 degrees away from) your natal Aquarius Moon-Chiron conjunction. There is a dimension of your soul and even your personality that is able to strike the perfect balance between play and work; between self-interest and communal interest. Jupiter is going to help you a lot renewing this process in your life. Jupiter will also help you clear up any additional remaining sense of injury from your mother; there is a bit, but you've done well with it.


You have a heck of a lot of energy -- you practically glow in the dark. And you need to do something with that energy, which is creative energy, in everything you do. So that means there's really no such thing as mere work in your life. Everything must come with the touch of humanitarian impulse, the artistic flair, that extra bit of intelligence that means quality (like when you can assemble a new product without the instructions and know that somebody cared enough to make it intuitive). Finally, you know you're a dedicated healer, but that this often comes through the way you manage your social relations.


Now add a double helping of Jupiter, a planet about 1,800 times the size of Earth. That's a lot of planet, and that's what you've got going for you. The more you give, the more you will receive. I suggest you have a really big party and invite all the readers of this page! Your Aquarius Moon will love it, and you'll probably make a huge profit that you can donate to charity, which will of course come back to you three times.


That's my take on your Jupiter return, since you asked.


I'm going to pass on the eclipse question -- watch later editions, I'll be talking about these eclipses. Except to say this: pay attention in your business affairs with others this autumn. You'll make some discoveries about who's who in your life. Place bets carefully. Keep the discussion going and make sure you judge people on their values first, their actions second, and everything else third.