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Harmonic Concordance

September 24, 2004


Hello Eric:

I was just wondering if you knew what it means when there is a harmonic concordance on your birthday. There was one on mine on November 8, 2003. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.





Hello back, Pauline

The Harmonic Concordance was an event that happened last Nov. 8. It is not a traditional astrological term, but rather one that was created by American astrologers Jan and Johnny Mirehiel around an eclipse of the Moon last year. At the same time there was a 'Star of David' or six-pointed star aspect. The name is a reference to the Harmonic Convergence, an event on Aug. 16 and 17, 1987, created by Mayan astrologer Jose Arguelles.


The Harmonic Concordance of 2003 happened to be on your birthday. So whatever this represented for you has been playing out in your life over the past 12 months or so. Perhaps you could tell us the story. No doubt it was a potent day, and time; that was a serious lunar eclipse, as is the one coming up on Oct. 28.


I now understand Jan and Johnny are now doing Harmonic Concordance II. Tracy at Planet Waves has looked into this and here's what she reports back: The chart is October 1, 2004, 10:02am - 3:22 p.m. GMT and it's a grand quintile or five pointed star of Moon / Saturn / Sun / Pluto / Uranus.


Below is from the new site of Johnny Mirehiel. There's also a chart on the page here:


Johnny writes, "It seems that Jill Whitman of Toronto, who describes herself as 'more of a novelist than an astrologer', was doing some research on possible future quintile patterns when she came across the chart of October 1, 2004. (The quintile series of aspects is not readily apparent, even to the trained astrologer’s eye. They arise from the division of the 360 circle by five. The two divisions that are up for discussion here yield aspects of 72 and 144.)"


Now, quintiles are not so rare, and grand quintiles do happen. And the weak link in this one is that the fifth point involves a fast-mover -- The Moon. I am not so sure about making a mini-series or consecrating an official holiday out of the Harmonic Concordance, but it gets people interested in astrology, Jan and Johnny are competent astrologers who have something to say, they reach out to people, and they love to promote the work of their colleagues, kudos to them for that.


Still there's quite a lot happening in the sky right now that is not aspecting this grand quintile, and most of that involves Libra, where the planets are piling up -- and that is strong stuff.


Here is one of my articles on the Concordance part one: