Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS



September 10, 2004


Dear Eric:

The recent Venus event took place on my birthday. I was born 8th June 1958, Aquarius rising with a Sun-Saturn opposition and Moon Pluto opposition. It was around this time that my long-term relationship broke up. Sorry to ask such a banal question, but is there going to be any improvement in my love life during the next couple of years!? Any advice appreciated!





Dear Angela,

In asking your question, you left out something which leaves me curious. I wonder what that relationship was about, and what changes you and your partner were going through at the time. You seem to imply (forgive me if I'm stretching a bit here, but I don't think so) that a primary relationship is better than no relationship by definition. For many people this is true, but it's worth questioning. There is the issue of quality, for example. And people move to wavelengths and then it's usually better if they don't try to force matters.


As you have said, the Sun-Venus transit occurred exactly on your natal Sun. Your natal Sun is about YOU, not somebody else, or your relationship to somebody else. This extremely rare, beautiful event spoke personally to you; it touched your life directly. Therefore, it represented a coming of age; a deep inner transformation and even change in the substance of who you are; it would not be going too far to say that you left someone within yourself behind and began the process of becoming someone else.


Often when we are becoming someone else, or just plain growing, we need to let go of relationships that don't harmonize with who we are becoming. That is what I think happened. I would add that a similar effect is possible with many transits to the Sun, particularly Pluto, Saturn or Chiron, or any kind of eclipse. The Sun represents something deeply essential and at the core of who we are. Like the Sun is always changing we are changing, and under a major transit that effect it.


Yet becoming is a job, a process, a long project. It requires us to stretch into the new reality of our lives with clarity and determination. That is not always easy. But it's always worth it. And with your relationships, I would give you two images to work with. One is that as you begin to stabilize in your new sense of self, you will have relationships appropriate to that state. Or, while you are growing, you will encounter people who help you go in your new direction, and who provide you with models and influences that will help in your process.