Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Virgo; New Moon; Libra Equinox


September 10, 2004


Dear Readers:

The week or so has brought some disturbing news in the world and, I am sure, a lot of intensity in our lives. Right now there is much planetary emphasis in Virgo and that is pushing the energy to the mental level, where it's not so easy to work out. Many things that seem to be a matter of "figuring it out" are really about feeling things through, and these are very different processes. In particular, feeling through seems to have less power and control attached to it than does figuring out. But often the figuring is an illusion of power with no real effect.


We are reaching a peak of Virgo activity with a New Moon on the 14th that is conjunct Mars. The next day, the Mercury retrograde ends (officially, officially) as Mercury enters new territory for the first time since the retrograde began last month. Please take it easy. This is a fine time to holding off on decisions. If you can direct your energies toward setting intentions and clarifying your desires, that would be a very productive use of these aspects. The time for decision will soon arrive.


The Libra Equinox follows soon after the New Moon -- which is the ingress of the Sun into Libra. This year, the Sun will be followed into Libra by a whole stream of Planets, including Jupiter and eventually Venus. This brings a wave of changes and new psychic territory -- there has not been much going on in Libra for a while.


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