Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Chiron Conjunct Ascendant


September 3, 2004


Dear Eric:

I've done astrology for almost 40 years and having a "heads up" on the planetary ebb and flow has always helped me to ride out the most difficult and transformative of transits. Now I'm poised on a Chiron conjunct Ascendant, but have very little information on this centaur. In tracking previous conjuncts, I've usually found myself "embroiled" in a situation -- something difficult to pull my foot out of, with me running old emotional tapes looking for answers. What can I expect with a first house hit?




Dear Jude,

I would say that Chiron in the Ascendant is about awakening. Chiron rising (or Ascendant transit) themes often deal with the "right to exist" and the feeling that we belong on the planet. In Capricorn, it's reasonable to look at the power structures that have boxed you in (see last week's discussion of the Capricorn aspect of Saturn). I would imagine that Chiron in a Capricorn ascendant is going to want to break free of all the residual parental impressions that have somehow dictated who you are. And while it's always possible to say "I've already done that," the question remains -- what is Chiron doing there now?


I've worked with another Chiron question in this edition, and I suggest you borrow the technique above, carefully working out the story of each individual transit and then, after you've done that, seeing if you can assemble a theme or see a process in motion. I feel strongly that Chiron needs to be given its own voice more than astrologers need to be speaking for it, and that voice comes through experience. Create a Chiron timeline for yourself. I would suggest that a super important transit that will shed light on the present moment is when Chiron contacted your 7th house cusp in Cancer around 1990. The current era of your life is the Chiron opposition to that one -- a kind of 180 degree turn around.

What was happening then?


The beauty of having been through so many Chiron transits is that after a while you begin to have a choice in how you respond to the energy. With any luck when we look at the circumstances and events of the Chiron biography, we get a sense that the thing main that's changing is awareness. Hopefully it's increasing! Hopefully you are having experiences that are teaching you to take consciousness and use it consciously to make choices. In this case, it is the choice of how you define yourself, and how you experience yourself.