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Should I Read My Rising Sign?


June 11, 2004


Dear Eric:

I get so confused about reading both my Sun and Rising forcast. I know that we should read both...but i was wondering which forcast has more to do with what is happening in our lives. Also... should i read my moon sign which is Libra also? Does that forcast tell me anything ? Thank you ...





Dear Marie,


Different astrologers are going to tell you different things about this, and they have the right to change their minds over time! As a horoscope writer, I will reveal my own philosophy in writing the horoscope and in reading those of other writers.


The Sun sign is the sign that most columnists are using to make certain assumptions about your predisposition. True, some are more subtle than others; some have a sense of humor; some have deeper insights than others; and some are very good at going past the prejudices. But the basic set of assumptions comes from the Sun sign. Then, newspaper astrologers base certain timing factors on the Sun sign -- for example, when a certain planet arrives in the opposite sign, many will comment on a relationship.


Now, if you know your rising sign -- which I recommend -- you can get extra information from that write-up, and the same holds true for the Moon sign. I personally write with the awareness that people are going to check their rising sign and Moon sign as well. But it helps if you know a bit about the implications of those chart factors. The rising sign is what we are aspiring to become in life. It is life seeking its true ascendancy -- what is rising or arising. The Moon sign speaks to our needs, and to the little kid inside us that never quite grew up. We have to take care of that kid, and what we learn about the Moon sign tells us a little about how.


I would love to try an experiment to see if, when people know other chart angles -- like their 10th house of career, for example -- the horoscope for the sign that is on the 10th has any bearing on their professional life. If you'd like to try an experiment, cast your proper chart, look for the sign 10th house and let's see how it works.