Astrology Secrets Revealed by ERIC FRANCIS

Being a Piscean


June 11, 2004


Dear Eric:


There is a wonderful and rare spiritual depth to your work (I noticed your reference to A Course in Miracles in this month's forecast for Pisces). What does it really mean to be a Piscean? As a fellow Piscean, do you believe that to be a Fish means we have chosen particularly difficult lives to live and lessons to learn? We have all had traumatic childhoods; experienced enormous loss, abandonment and rejection; been unlucky in love (I'm a widow); are sensitive and caring human beings; often feel totally misunderstood and alienated from the rest of (in)humanity. Any tips to help us find peace in this challenging world? Thanks, fellow Fish.





Dear Giselle,


I learned something about Pisces the first time I went scuba diving, and was surprised to see lots of little fish hiding inside of rocks, peeking out. I didn't know so many fish lived like that rather than swimming around the open sea.


The rest of what I'm going to tell you is based on my experience as a fish personally.


I think that all people and things Pisces are among the most vulnerable in the world. Yes, all people are vulnerable, but Pisces must live with being so permeable, like a sponge. We need to be careful about our environments in ways that most other people rarely have to think about. We need to be more careful about what we eat and drink. And while Pisces has a reputation for imbibing excessively in substances and alcohol, there is no sign (rising or Moon included) that must be more careful about these things than a Fish, because they affect us so deeply.


I would add that Pisces has a different relationship to the material world, being the least material sign. True, there are some unusually wealthy Pisces, but they have, I believe, just mastered what for many Fish is a very challenging game of playing along with the world's values when all most of us want to do is enjoy life. But that, of course, is a challenge, because many Pisces are deeply compassionate and must serve people all the time.


Most of what I know about Pisces I know from my own experience, and yes -- it is a challenge. But as an astrologer who works every day with people of the other 11 signs, I know this is not an easy planet to live on, and we must help one another do our best.