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Tough Time for Saggi


June 11, 2004


Dear Eric:

When will be a better time for Sagittarius? So, I am a Sagittarian, Cancer rising, Moon (opposing my Ascendant/Saturn) and Venus in Capricorn... and I am also in a pretty bad mood since the year 2000.





Dear Ana,

From my read on things, Sagittarius has certainly been facing some important challenges, and there was a turning-point event in that sign on New Year's Eve going into 2000 -- the conjunction of Chiron and Pluto for the first time since the early 1940s. To many, this was a pretty shocking time, and where Pluto is involved, the effects of a transit can last for years. I'm not looking at your chart, but I'm going to take a guess and say this sounds a lot like the experience of Pluto. This is a deeply meaningful planet that compels us to grow, to purge deep emotions, and to make seemingly impossible changes.


I know this is a hard time for you. But am I correct in saying that it's a get real time as well? The thing about Pluto is we often feel its pain without realizing how much it's helping us. And we often miss Pluto when its gone.