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How Will the Venus Transit Affect a Libran


June 4, 2004


Dear Eric:

I am a Libra. I hear that when Venus makes its transit to the Sun, this will affect me, but how?


Sally, Sussex



Dear Sally,


I believe that because Venus is associated with Libra, this event does carry a special message for Libra, yet that does not diminish its message for everyone in the human family. Events around the Venus and the Sun meeting on June 8 will reveal what a truly important messenger for peace and understanding you have been in your lifetime. No matter how influential you are, and no matter how many people your ideas reach, you still may not fully grasp the extent to which you have touched the hearts and minds of many, some of them very far away. I see this as a moment of revelation for you, Sally, and a moment of birth into the person you have always wanted to be, and who in truth you have always been.