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Venus Transit Effect?


June 11, 2004


Dear Eric,


I don't have a question but a suggestion for you or even Jonathan. Everyone wants to know, as we have seen from your first two letters last week, what the transit will hold for their sign, could you not give a brief reading for the other sings as you did with Tauras and Libra. I'm sure someone from every sing is eventually going to ask you. The build-up to this event has been so great that even I have to wonder if all will be clearer to me once the transit is over or will I be more confused.




P.S. I'm a Capricorn



Dear Cheryl,

We have received quite a few "what does the transit of Venus mean for my sign" questions.

I can assure you that every half-decent or better horoscope writer has been tracking the transit of Venus closely for the past week or more. Many have been keeping an eye on the chart for months, and have also factored it prominently into their annual predictions for 2004. Even if they are not mentioning it, this chart and the event behind it are so enormous as to be inescapable.


Remember that because no living astrologer has experienced this event, to say any anything about the transit is, in sense, to speculate -- which astrologers do plenty of and can do it well, but it's often based on experience. With this event, none of us have any direct experience. We are learning from what is happening now. Also, the next transit of Venus is in 2012, as we approach a major turning point of more than 5,000 years (called the Long Count) in the Mayan calendar. So it's big stuff.


So if I may, I can suggest a few things to make sense of this for yourself personally. One is to scan back in the archive over the past two weeks of Jonathan's daily horoscopes, as well as Yasmin Boland's monthly horoscopes for June. Whether they are mentioning the transit of Venus or not, that event was like the North Star by which they were navigating. Jonathan for one has given many excellent clues, just based on what I've been noticing for my own sign. On my web page, as well, there is an annual horoscope site called Aquasphere, and I have written at length for each sign using this as one of the main charts, as well as providing articles addressing the transit. Just keep in mind, this is a "world horoscope" more than it is a personal horoscope -- one that affects everyone in ways that go beyond the personal.


The second thing I suggest is that you look closely at your life. What is happening to you now? By now, I mean this week, and back to early spring and building in intensity up to the present time. The transit of Venus is an eclipse-like event, and eclipses have some distinct properties: they build in intensity as they approach; they have effects long before and long after; they represent turning points that we often fail to see until we have some perspective.
I suggest you look first at all the areas covered by Venus: particularly who and what is the most important to you. Then I suggest you branch out and, as objectively as possible, look at the big picture of your life.


Astrology is not really about theory. Theory helps, but astrology is something that actually happens to us, shapes and changes us, shows us opportunities, and places us at crossroads in life where we get to make choices. I know those choices don't always seem as important in the moment as they seem in the long run, but this is one of those moments that will point many, many people in new directions for the next eight years -- when a Venus transit happens again, this time in 2012.