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Saturn Return


August 20, 2004


Dear Eric:

Next year I am due to begin my Saturn return and I am terrified! Some years ago I had my chart drawn but I don't know enough to be able to tell in which ways it will affect me. When Saturn was in Taurus (my Sun sign) a few years ago, I had a really tough time and hideous things were thrown at me, so I am really dreading a repeat prescription! Please can you give me some insight as to which areas Saturn will hit me so I can try to be prepared. Many thanks! Birth details -- 3rd May 1977, 15.58 pm, Reading, England

Chantal, London



Dear Chantal,

Thanks to the Internet everyone has now heard of Mercury Retrograde and the Saturn Return, and much of what people have heard is a bit scary. I have a feeling that people will be writing in to this column for ages inquiring about their Saturn Returns and we really need to have a comprehensive resource on this question. And I'm not quite ready to do that this week -- it would probably take three or four essays: one on how to work with your natal Saturn, another on ideas about Saturn and the Saturn Return as many astrologers have approached the question, and another on a practical approach to the return transit.


If anyone would like to participate in an editorial work brigade, I am pretty good at organizing such projects, and we can create the world's best Saturn Return resource center. Saturn loves when you invest time and energy into honoring what he's about, so if anyone from the Saturn in Cancer, Leo or Virgo generations (or other, but let's get the current crop of Saturn babies in on the project) would like to participate, please drop me a note.


I will say this. We need to approach any transit with a positive attitude if we want to have a positive experience. If you are experiencing fear, that may be a factor of lack of knowledge. Start with researching your natal Saturn position and work fro there. The natal position is important because that is the place to which Saturn returns at the Saturn Return. Meanwhile I will be back next week with an introduction to the Saturn return.